What Sets Us Apart?

One powerful platform to take care of all your data needs and democratize data-driven decision-making.

Experience the Lumenore Difference

Shorten the Time between Data and Decisions

A Singular Source of Truth

From data ingestion to modeling, Lumenore ensures that your entire data experience is built and shaped in one place. No need to prepare your data for integration - Lumenore has over 150 point-and-click pre-built connectors that capture data from any source to build your organization's singular, comprehensive data universe.

AI-Powered Analysis 

At Lumenore, we empower business users with AI-powered insights that capture depth and breadth. Visualize your business performance within the wider macroeconomic environment. Use tailored predictive intelligence instead of just historical dashboards to inform your organizational strategy.

Democratized Decision-Making

Lumenore delivers data experiences that are powerful enough to transform organizational decision-making and can be easily put to use by anyone, irrespective of their ability to code. Right from analytics embedded in workstreams to natural language querying, Lumenore is designed to make business intelligence more accessible.

One Platform for All Your Data Needs

Data Universe

From automating the complexity of building and maintaining pipelines, to running data workloads directly on a data lake, ensure quality and reliability across the data infrastructure with your own organizational data universe.

Predictive Intelligence

Lumenore's predictive intelligence engine, Do You Know, simplifies insight discovery for users with powerful, augmented analytics to unearth possibilities and map opportunities.

Self-Service Analytics

Lumenore offers self-service data and analytics capabilities and an intuitive, no-code interface that streamline everything from data ingestion to insight discovery for all users.

Conversational Querying

Lumenore's conversational querying engine, Ask Me, allows users to ask business queries in plain English - through text or by connecting to Alexa and Google Home - and quickly discover the most relevant business results.

Embedded Analytics

Reduce time to insight by adding contextualized insights to any workflow. Improve decision-making efficiency by delivering data experiences the way users naturally consume them.


Create dynamic, interactive dashboards that capture business context at scale or drill down into the minutiae of a dashboard to tell data stories effectively to any audience.

Leverage Lumenore to Ramp Up Performance

Foster a data-driven culture by providing all business users with a library of pre-built analytics assets even before they need them.


  • A single, unified platform for all your data needs
  • Ask questions in plain English
  • Any business user can leverage our intuitive, no-code platform to get actionable insights
  • Meets users where they are in their workflow with embedded analytics

Other Tools

  • Multiple tools for different parts of the data journey - right from ingestion to visualization
  • Users can only access pre-defined business logic and pre-built dashboards. To get custom reports, they'll have to write code.
  • Decrease team productivity since only users with coding skills can get more value from their data or they have to wait for reports from IT / business analysts
  • Have to rely on in-platform dashboards to get access to analytics

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Increasing Revenue for an Automotive OEM

A global Automotive OEM saw a decline in revenue but couldn't identify their biggest leakages.

How Lumenore Helped

Boosting Productivity at a Contact Center

The contact center needed a cost-effective way to increase their agent productivity and improve customer satisfaction.

How Lumenore Helped

Retaining Talent at an IT Services Firm

The IT Services firm was looking for a data-driven way of increasing employee engagement and retaining talent.

How Lumenore Helped

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Lumenore helps businesses by tapping into their data universe and ramping up their performance and growth with a powerful, integrated decision intelligence platform.

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