Finance Intelligence

Accelerate revenue growth with Intelligent Analytics for Finance

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Maximize insights generation to aid cash in-flow

The finance division collects data from every other department, making it difficult for professionals to deal with tons of data. Yet, they are required to provide precise and valuable information on income and expenses in near real-time for firms to succeed. Lumenore enables the team to spend minimal time by streamlining financial operations and analyzing each financial transaction. With data-driven insights, professionals can help the organization manage risks, cut expenses, increase profitability, and make more informed decisions.

Create Customized Journeys to Enhance Customer Experiences

Improve Expenditure Management

Find new sources to save money and develop cost-effective strategies by constantly monitoring the status of spending and payments.

Streamline Financial reporting

Manage balance sheets with less labor work efficiently with the help of interactive dashboards and provide easy access to data insights.

Mitigate Risks

Foresee risks and avoid transactions to vicious accounts by spotting outliers in data.

Smoothens Financial Operations

Ingest finance data from varied sources and easily transform for actionable insights to maximize performance.

Balance Profit-loss Ratio

Earn more profit by getting more insights on revenues, expenses and costs spend in a specific period of time.

Enhance Cash Flow

Generate more revenue by analyzing every source of cash in-flow options and finding new streams of income.

Unleash Marketing Capabilities with Data-driven Approaches

Lumenore provides tailored intelligence and solutions that can be used by any marketer to become more data-driven and customer-centric. With AI-powered insights, drill-down capabilities, and natural language querying, Lumenore gives actionable insights that help marketers deliver on high-impact objectives.

Conversational Intelligence with Ask Me

Want to know more about your customer behavior? Type your questions or ask Alexa for business and market-focused insights. Lumenore's 'Ask Me' module powered by Natural Language Querying, you get all your answers in a fraction of seconds.

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Predictive Intelligence with Do You Know

Know market trends and competitors' moves with advanced data discovery. Prepare your marketing strategies in advance with Lumenore's AI-driven 'Do You Know' solution which gives you insights be marketing analytics fore you ask for.

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Lumenore in Action

Discover how Lumenore revolutionizes finance analytics in this use case video. Find out how the client achieved remarkable results, improved financial management, gained valuable insights, and saved time. Witness the power of streamlined reporting, advanced insights, and seamless collaboration. Unlock the true potential of your finance function with Lumenore's transformative solutions.

Enable customized solutions to Increase the Marketing ROI