Accelerate Decision-Making with Conversational Intelligence

Get all your business queries answered instantly with
'Ask Me' from Lumenore

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Let Your Data & Analytics do the Talking

Fast-track decision-making by accessing business intelligence using the power of your own voice.
Lumenore's conversational querying engine, Ask Me, gives users the flexibility to ask business queries in plain English and quickly discover the most relevant business results. With the option to connect to devices like Google Home and Alexa, simplify access to organizational intelligence with just one query.

Get Personalized Insights for Your Business

From powerful scenario analysis capabilities to developing an organizational data dictionary, Lumenore speeds up ease of and time to decision-making.

Perform Scenario Analysis

Identify the differences in real-world outcomes by changing levers and visualize their impact on the business.

  • Model real-world behavior
  • Discover growth levers
  • Predict business impact

Get Instant Insights

Access relevant and timely insights across various dimensions by asking targeted questions.

  • Search with voice
  • Perform KPI comparisons
  • Drill down into results

Maximize Team Performance

Democratize data-driven decision-making across the organization without having to manage multiple data tools and platforms.

  • Get context-aware insights
  • Access sample questions
  • See trending searches

Get All Your Data in One Place

Overcome the challenges of having to scour through siloed data and democratize business intelligence for the entire organization. Leverage conversational intelligence to inform decision-making at all levels.

Bring Data from any Source

With 50+ connectors streamline data acquisition and analysis with a few clicks powered by AI.

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Predict Trends and Outliers

With predictive analytics, get ahead of consumer and business trends with robust models and near-real time insights.

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Advance with Advanced Analytics

With advanced analytics, optimize business decisions by building an organizational repository of customer intelligence.

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Explore More Specialized Solutions

Get detailed intelligence about every aspect of the business with solutions tailored to your organization.


Get a detailed snapshot of your financial operations.

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Human Resource

Ensure exceptional employee experiences with insight-informed decisions.

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Information Technology

Run your IT department with ease with function-specific insights.

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Evaluate and optimize your marketing efforts across different channels.

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Measure and maximize resource productivity and operational efficiency.

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Accelerate your sales performance with business health indicators.

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