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Intelligence Customized to Your Business and Industry

An integrated modern business intelligence and analytics platform which generates focused insights for every industry and role. Lumenore offers customized enterprise analytics solutions for diverse needs and makes the data-driven decision making simple yet comprehensive, giving a competitive advantage to any business.

Solution by Industry

Contact Center

The role of contact centers is changing from a basic service offering

to a strategic  differentiator that can make dramatic improvements in customer satisfaction and financial performance. Get the right foundation for your analytics-driven insights and maximise customer delight. Lumenore’s contact center analytics solution provides you with the ability to visualize, analyse, and assign appropriate actions based on  critical insights generated from your data. It helps you track important metrics that are related to organization performance, customer satisfaction, Agent performance, and Vendor/Partner performance. Its unique features allows you to not only slice and dice your data but also share your findings among your peers.


The automotive industry is becoming more data-driven than ever. Do

n’t waste your time worrying about the profit margins due to inadequate visibility of your sales and expense data. Lumenore’s automotive analytics solution gives you a quick view of your business profitability across product and regions. The platform also helps track important KPIs such as total revenue and cost, profit margins, key project status & customer satisfaction. Other features enable executives to set alerts and notifications on their key KPIs to help them handle challenges intelligently and proactively.


Generate insights to determineknow what matters most to your customers

– from dealing with network issues, monitoring usage, and analysing pricing strategies. Lumenore serves you with accurate data points to understand the pain points of your subscribers. It also provides relevant insights to the management teams to understand the overall business environment including performance and potential areas of improvement.


Retail businesses generates tons of data every day. However, what if this

data , but what good is this data if it fails to translate into valuable insights. Make the best use of your data and ensure better sales outcomes. Lumenore’s solution for the retail industry offers the power to collate and analyze different types of data including supplier and inventory tracking, sales numbers and more. Our data scientists mine the data from all data sources to deliver flexible dashboards that help streamline inventories, improve the efficiency of distribution networks, and optimize stock levels.

Media & Entertainment

Data is proving out to be a game changer in the media & entertainment industry.

Discover a platform that converts raw data into meaningful insights and facilitates the delivery of personalized content through analytical tools and techniques. Lumenore’s powerful BI Solution offers text and customer sentiment analytics aligned to meet customer expectations. The platform also generates customer interaction analytics to serve organizations with relevant insights in the most intuitive manner.


Data is increasingly changing the way the public sector functions- be

it the Federal  government or state governments. Transform governance with data-enabled intelligence into service usage, citizen complaints and regulatory compliance to assess the effectiveness of public welfare initiatives and devise quick actions to solve challenges.


Predicting future outcomes, taking actionable decisions, minimizing risks, and

determining the best possible managing strategies – all this is possible with the right data analytics platform. Lumenore’s real time solutions for construction business offers actionable data points on budget planning, procurement, labor & resource schedules and utilization, and replenishment of raw materials for improved cost optimization. Lumenore’s advanced analytics platform supports future project bidding and planning to speed up your business and make it more predictable.

Solution by Department


Power your operations function with actionable and accurate insights

for better decision-making. Lumenore mines data from multiple sources to offer simplified reports and insights. With flexible and intuitive dashboards and simple visualizations, achieve seamless operational efficiency and business optimization.

Human Resources

Workforce management is both an art and a science. As the workforce

dynamics continues to change, managing employees as well as contingent workers is increasingly becoming a challenge. Staffing and scheduling is also becoming more complex.  Get a workforce management platform that helps you build strategies for a strong organizational culture and improve employee motivation through data-driven insights. Lumenore’s advanced dashboards analyse key metrics such as attrition, employee suitability, absenteeism, L&D and productivity.


Translating complex spreadsheets into actionable insights is a hard.

Lumenore makes the process simple. The platform provides a quick view of the overall profitability by consolidating key data points. The Platform has powerful data mining and analytics capabilities to generate dashboards from diverse data sources, understand data in the context of financial indicators, and get deep insights on areas such as revenue, cash flow, expenses, and inventory.


In today’s competitive business world, BI-powered sales data can help

companies  acquire a larger market share and increase revenue. Accurate sales forecasts also hold a high business value with a range of benefits. Lumenore offers in-depth integration and analytics of data to track the sales pipeline at every stage. Monitor campaigns and track the progress of flagship products or services in real-time. With accurate and powerful insights, reduce sales cycles and consistently improve revenue.


Lumenore Performance Management Platform seamlessly integrates

all aspects  of IT functions. Connect IT workflows with productivity tools, generate project lifecycles, and track metrics easily. Integrate diverse data and tools to monitor deployment and roll-out useful information on optimization, efficiency, and planning.


The success of any marketing campaign depends on the execution

ability to send  the right message to the right audience. Simplifying business reports is another challenge that marketing teams face. Lumenore’s solution unleashes the power of analytics to better understand the effectiveness of marketing campaigns with data insights from multiple channels. With comparisons across metrics and cost-to-benefit analysis on granular levels, your marketing strategies are bound to achieve the desired results!