Realize the Value of Data Faster with Self-Service Analytics

Empower your entire team with a no-code business intelligence platform that simplifies insight discovery

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Build a Culture of Data-Driven Decision-Making

Foster a data-driven culture by providing all business users with a library of pre-built analytics assets even before they need them.
Lumenore offers self-service data and analytics capabilities that streamline everything from data ingestion to insight discovery for all users. With a unified data universe, an intuitive interface, and actionable intelligence, Lumenore helps businesses democratize business intelligence for even non-technical users.

Make Team Collaboration Easier

From analytics embedded in existing workflows to interactive visualizations, Lumenore bridges the gap between technical and non-technical users by unlocking faster decision-making analytics for everyone.

Unify Your Data Universe

Get data from over 50 sources with just a few clicks and ensure analytics-ready data streams.

  • Connect to any source
  • Simplify data transformation
  • Optimize data storage

Embed Essential Analytics

Focus on making decisions faster by embedding analytics into any workflow with a white-labelled solution.

  • Get tailored intelligence instantly
  • Collaborate directly with users
  • Add insights to any business app

Ensure Strong Governance

Keep your data error-free and easily accessible while maintaining strong data security and governance.

  • Define access as per user role
  • Establish a single source of truth
  • Efficiently meet security protocols

Democratize Data for All

Help your team make data-driven decisions with ease irrespective of their technical knowledge. Encourage a data-driven culture with a powerful business intelligence platform that simplifies decision-making.

Bring Data from any Source

With 50+ connectors streamline data acquisition and analysis with a few clicks powered by AI.

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Communicate with Your Data

Lumenore's NLQ-based 'Ask Me' module, ask queries in plain English through text or a voice-activated device like Alexa, and receive answers immediately.

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Advance with Advanced Analytics

With advanced analytics, optimize business decisions by building an organizational repository of customer intelligence.

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Explore More Specialized Solutions

Get detailed intelligence about every aspect of the business with solutions tailored to your organization.


Get a detailed snapshot of your financial operations.

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Human Resource

Ensure exceptional employee experiences with insight-informed decisions.

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Information Technology

Run your IT department with ease with function-specific insights.

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Evaluate and optimize your marketing efforts across different channels.

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Measure and maximize resource productivity and operational efficiency.

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Accelerate your sales performance with business health indicators.

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