Improve Employee Performance Management with BI

Advance the performance of employee training programs by tracking the accuracy and effectiveness of the instructors. Training Audit Plus, Lumenore’s pre-configured solution for employee training and performance management allows you to do just that. Combine intelligent analytics across media, optimize training costs and map performance of trainers and their programs through advanced voice analytics, employee responses and more.

Get daily audit reports within 24 hours of program completion

Improve training audit productivity by up to 60%

Reduce annual cost of training audits by up to 40%

Key Features of the Solution

Training Audit Plus offers superior Employee Performance Management with BI. It integrates the latest in analytics technology with employee training programs to gather vital data on performance – of both the employee and the trainer. Manage training programs effectively and efficiently by utilizing the state-of-the-art reporting platform.

Interactive web-based dashboard provides training audit data within 24 hrs

Measure ROI of training programs with a scalable, cost-effective solution

Audit and monitor training with a proprietary quantitative analysis

Advanced audio-video recording and voice analytics technology

Remote data capture for non-intrusive program monitoring

Automated reporting with smart input device distribution

See the Training Audit Plus Platform in action