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Explore the power of Lumenore with demo dashboards. Collaborate with your team, monitor KPIs or Automate your favorite insights. See how Lumenore can bring your data in action.

Lumenore Capabilities

Accurate Outliers Detection
Self service driven customization of insights for time series prediction, outlier and anomaly detection, association or correlation analysis and trend analysis.
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Analytics Voice / AI Search
Data Disruptors: Build augmented analytics with NLQ and the power of a question.
Custom KPI Design and Integration
Custom KPI Design and Integration: With Lumenore create and manage key performance indicators (KPIs) easily.
Real Time Notifications
Real Time Notification allow users to stay engaged and informed.
Threshold Alert Setup And Reminder
Threshold Alert Setup and Reminder: Setup an absolute or relative range in which the tracked metric can fluctuate and stay tuned with notifications.
Team Creation and Goals Setup
Team Creation and Goals Setup: Create Team and setup your goal.
Annotate Data and Share Instantly
Annotate Data and Share Instantly: Sharing vital information, details, stats, or insights across people.
Collaborative Team Environment
Collaborative Team Environment: Invite and build a collaborative synergy with your team.

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Product Overview

Why Lumenore

Every day we embrace change and strive to push the envelope of technology and innovation – to do things better, do things differently, and most importantly, to enlighten people and companies with the right insights in the most effective way.

Rapid Insights Generation

Rapid Insights Generation

Lumenore transforms huge amount of raw data into actionable insights within just a few clicks.
User Friendly and Intuitive

User Friendly and Intuitive

Designed with our user in mind.

Full Self-Service

Visualize data in just minutes with over 150 data connectors and full ETL capabilities.
Insights for Everyone

Insights for Everyone

Cost effective solutions that allow licenses for a large user base. The largest return for the lowest cost in the industry.
Ask Me

Ask Me

Natural Language Processing. A faster way to access data and analytics.

24/7/365 Support Services

Receive end-to-end support from Business Intelligence experts.