Sales Intelligence

Elevate Your Sales Strategies
with Reliable Intelligence

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Accelerate Organizational Growth with Powerful Sales Analytics

Sales data coming from disparate sources needs to be structured, transformed, and prepared for reliable analytics. With increasing demands and customer preferences, businesses are looking to drill down to minute details and make the right decision.

With robust sales intelligence powered by Lumenore, sales professionals can get insights in near real-time to identify potential markets, personalize reach outs and fast-track conversions.

Spotlight New Business Opportunities through Data-driven Sales

Improve Lead Generation

Automate presales processes and improve lead scoring by getting access to powerful insights on all prospects.

Retain Customers

Monitor customer engagement and optimize resources by analyzing behavior and trends.

Optimize Sales Operations

Power employee performance and create several cost & time saving improvements in each stage of sales cycles.

Personalize Sales Strategy

Deep dive on each prospect to provide tailored recommendations, costs and services.

Analyze Competitor Sales

Understand your market share, improve competition analysis and customer engagement trends to stay ahead of the curve.

Forecast of Sales

Get a detailed picture of your sales forecast to empower sales teams and help prepare for future wins.

Reduce troubleshooting time using data-driven approaches

With a unified sales intelligence platform, you can customize your sales strategy and prioritize high-value prospects. Bring all your sales data in one place and accelerate your sales analytics journey, all in near real-time.

Conversational Intelligence with Ask Me

Get customer profiles and understand requirements instantly with Lumenore’s ‘Ask Me’ feature. Know your answers through a text or voice in plain English.

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Predictive Intelligence with Do You Know

Having accurate sales forecasts is crucial to understanding the market trends and market predictions. Lumenore is equipped with ‘Do You Know’ feature, which offers up-to-date automated insights for the future.

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Lumenore in Action

Discover how Lumenore's Sales Intelligence solution can simplify your sales analytics journey by improving customer acquisition & boosting sales productivity. Find out how an all-in-one platform provides a single dashboard with automated data refresh and advanced analytics to get win probabilities.

Enable a 360-degree sales approach to close more deals