Equip Everyone with Decision-Making Abilities

Increase the adoption of data-driven decision-making with a powerful decision intelligence platform.

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Bridge the Gap between Decision and (Business) Intelligence

Get a higher return on your data and tech investments by layering Lumenore's Decision Intelligence on top of your existing data.

Lumenore's Decision Intelligence platform pares down the complexity of decision-making by transforming raw data into actionable insights anyone can use. The platform is supported by a robust data prep and pipelining tool that builds your organization's data universe - your single source of truth. Further on, AI-augmented analytics techniques are layered on top of your data universe to empower the user with reliable intelligence across a spectrum of use cases.

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Simplify Data-Driven Decision-Making

Gain more context around business performance and make insight-driven decisions. Lumenore bridges the gap between technical and non-technical users by unlocking faster decision-making analytics for everyone.

Unify Your Data Universe

Get data from over 50 sources with just a few clicks and ensure analytics-ready data streams.

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Utilize Self-Service Analytics

Focus on making decisions faster across the organization with self-service analytics.

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Encourage Business Queries

Get all your business queries answered in an instant with a conversational BI platform.

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Tell Reliable Data Stories

Deliver insights faster with actionable visualizations and dashboards that tell compelling data stories.

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Ensure Reliable Predictions

Move from data to action with an advanced analytics engine that automates insight discovery.

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Employ Advanced Analytics

Dive deeper into critical business needs, goals, and workflows with advanced analytics.

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Lumenore helps businesses across industries and functions with customized dashboards and AI-powered analytics.