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About Lumenore

About Lumenore

  • What is Lumenore?

    Lumenore is an end-to-end business intelligence and analytics platform that delivers organizational intelligence on no-code framework to enable data-driven decision-making for business users.

  • How are you different from other tools in the market?

    Lumenore offers a seamless experience by creating a Data Universe, from data preparation and capacity to hosting the data for analytics to delivering insights to all users. Unlike other platforms, our focus is on customizing and tailoring the solution delivery to our client's needs. Since Lumenore is completely homegrown, we can provide maximum flexibility at a compelling cost. You don't have to depend on any other company for licensing or customizations as we provide full-stack to support the entire data landscape

  • How are you different from Tableau, Ask Data, Power BI or other products?

    The search functionality within Lumenore is enabled from day 1, and no additional integration is needed to get started with conversation analytics with Lumenore. We are also more flexible and user-friendly - built to take users beyond an old-school, centralized reporting approach towards an instant analytics mindset.

  • What is the minimum number of users required to access all features of Lumenore?

    Lumenore is an enterprise solution designed for solving business problems at scale.  However, we are flexible, you can reach us at for further details.

  • Which Public Cloud is Lumenore available on?

    Lumenore is flexible and can be supported on all the major private, public and hybrid cloud platforms.

  • How many different type of users are supported by Lumenore?

    Users across all levels within an organization can access and get insights from the Lumenore platform. Lumenore also supports access level control so it can be given to anyone with access to the data depending on their needs. And since it is no-code, it can be given to anyone with or without coding background.

  • How is your solution different from the dashboards/analytics provided with the Salesforce subscription?

    The solutions provided with the Salesforce subscription are 'Operational Analytics' only and hence limited. Meanwhile, Lumenore is an end-to-end data platform that provides advanced analytics with NLQ and automated data discovery as an add-on. Additionally, we also customize the dashboards according to the client's requirements.

  • What is the difference between Ask Me/Do You Know capabilities and Salesforce Einstein and Tableau CRM capabilities?

    Lumenore's focus is on delivering easy-to-consume insights that anyone - not just data analysts or IT teams - can use to make a better decision. With Lumenore, you don't have to worry about spending hours training your colleagues on the tool or customizing workflows just so that you can enter your data. Our platform is easy enough for anyone to immediately get valuable insights. Moreover, our pricing is highly competitive given the offerings in the BI and Analytics tools market.

  • Can we downsize our user licenses anytime?

    Yes, there is flexibility to downsize or upsize on a monthly basis provided you are on a monthly role as per the contract.

  • What different browsers does Lumenore work best in?

    Lumenore works effectively and seamlessly on all popular browsers used in the market today, like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla, etc.

  • How many dashboards can a user create?

    A user can create unlimited dashboards with their data.

  • How many times can data be refreshed in a dataset from external feeds?

    As a standard, you can refresh up to 12 times in a day or up to 1GB. This can be further increased or decreased if needed depending on your needs and engagement.

  • What is the limit of dataset per user?

    This is contextual and depends on the engagement plan

Ask Me

Ask Me

  • What is Ask Me?

    As a decision-maker you need answers immediately. With Ask Me we have removed the hassle of asking someone to create the chart. You can just ask the business question and get instant results. All you have to do is type in the search bar or pair Lumenore to your Google Home/Alexa for voice-activated querying.
    To put it simply, Ask Me is a google like search engine that allows you to ask any business question via simple text or voice search through your business data

  • Why Ask me?

    With the Ask Me module, you can ask business queries in natural language and receive answers instantly. Ask Me learns your search intent and delivers the answer you need. No code, no waiting, and now, no paywall for insights.

  • Do I need to know coding to use Ask Me?

    No. Ask Me is designed for Business users and not just IT teams. We made sure to design our platform on a no-code-low-code framework which means, anyone can use it with zero coding experience.

  • Can my data be used by others on my team through Ask Me?

    Yes, you can enable that so the data you bring can be used by others in your team. It can be disabled also. Totally up to you.

  • Will it work only if I ask a question in certain way?

    Not necessarily, it works for any kind of question for which you already have data for. However, you can train and further finetune Ask Me to ensure it gives flawless results for your business. You get access to the Ask Me manager that can be trained to understand your business jargons which can be done in just a few mins as a one-time effort.

Do You Know

Do You Know

  • What is Do you know?

    Do You Know is our augmented analytics engine designed on a no-code framework that allows users without any coding knowledge to use advanced analytics. Do You Know comes in handy in spotting outliers, trends, correlations, uncovering missing relationships in your data. It also covers Automated Data Discovery - where you can see predictions and forecasts based on your past data to do pivots accordingly.

  • What different Machine learning techniques do you support?
    • Our statistical methods include - Normalization, Z Score, Standard Deviation, Mean, Median
    • Our outlier algorithms are Z score based, Time Series Anomaly, Density-Based Scan
    • Correlation - Pearson Correlation
    • Prediction - Regression, SARIMA, Exponential Smoothing
    • Clustering - K means and many more. We also allow enterprises to bring their own models to the platform that can be exposed to all the business users in the enterprise.
  • What is the maximum data volume you can manage for machine learning?

    Data gets aggregated based on the selected features. A maximum of 1M aggregated records can be used for ML algorithms. This limit is for the standard user. An increase in the data volume can be done based on scalability or on customer's requests and depending on the engagement plan.

Data Security

Data Security

  • Can it sync with single sign on?

    Yes, you can authorize Lumenore with a single sign on authentication.

  • Can I have dedicated hardware for my enterprise in Lumenore?

    It is certainly possible depending on your engagement model, organizational needs and customization requirements. Lumenore can also provide dedicated hardware support if needed.

  • Sharing Sales Data is very critical to us and also we don't share it with everyone internally. How does data sharing work on your platform?

    We have strict data security and governance measures. Your data is safe on Lumenore and only you have access to that information. If you are an admin/superuser of Lumenore you will have the rights to set user level permission of the other users in your team. This way you can control what level of information you want to provide access and visibility to the internal/larger team.

  • What is your data retention policy?

    We retain the user data for a maximum of 4 weeks from the deactivation date of the user account. After 4 weeks, all user data automatically gets deleted as per schedule.

  • What if my data is being misused or breached from Lumenore?

    Lumenore is hosted on Azure from Microsoft, which has some of the highestsecurity standards in the cloud industry. We have also taken additional precautions to ensure 100% compliance with privacy and data security guidelines like the GDPR and SOC2.

  • How to de-register/deactivate from my trial Lumenore account? What would happen to my uploaded data?

    After the 30 day-trial, Lumenore retains the user account for an additional 30 days in case the user wants to extend the trial or convert the trial into a paid subscription. After that, we automatically delete all user data.

  • What data privacy protocols do you follow?

    Lumenore has adopted rigorous security protocols and also checks & balances to ensure all customer data are kept confidential and secure. Our strict protocols with the help of people and technology ensure to maintain industry-leading standards.

  • How about data security?

    We are PCI and SOC2 compliant and have timely, third-party audits to ensure continued compliance. (Audit reports can be made available at request.) Additionally, we are GDPR compliant, follow industry best practices, and comply with regulatory guidelines around protecting information and data.

Data Universe

Data Universe

  • What is the data universe?

    Data universe is the one-stop for all of your data needs. All your raw data is ingested, stored, sifted, structured and shaped to be prepared for analytics. Lumenore creates this Data Universe while being compliant with all data security standards.

  • How many platforms can I source data from?

    Data from 50+ platforms can be directly connected to Lumenore in one click. We are in the process of adding more. If there is a particular connector that we don't have at the moment, we can make it available at the earliest possible. The platform I want to connect to Lumenore is not a connector yet. When will you make it available? If it is a part of our list of upcoming connectors, we can make it available within a week. If the connector is not part of the list, we will get back to you with a timeline soon.

  • The platform I want to connect to Lumenore is not a connector yet. When will you make it available?

    If it is a part of our list of upcoming connectors, we can make it available within a week. If the connector is not part of the list, we will get back to you with a timeline soon.

  • Can I add unstructured data?

    We allow unstructured data to be added to our platform. However, we can design a framework as a layer to structure the unstructured data before pushing it to Lumenore. That layer can be created at a nominal cost to support the implementation.

  • Is nesting available?

    Yes. However, we provide only one level of nesting for subscription-based users. It is configurable at the user/organization level if a schema is pre-shared for validation.

  • Can I connect data from different sources?

    Yes, you can. If the data is interrelated and has the provision to do a joint, you certainly can connect them from different sources.

  • What kind of support do you offer?

    Support is included for any issues occurring due to self-service usage. (Any technical guidance, service requirement will be accessed and communicated using change request).

  • How do you ensure speed and accuracy?

    We use a variety of technology and databases to boost performance and give our users the best experience. For instance, we use in-memory, big data and MPP databases to improve overall speed and accuracy.



  • How much does it cost to implement and use Lumenore?

    Lumenore is an enterprise tool and our costing is tailored based on the requirements of our users. The components which come into consideration to define cost are mainly the number of users, data size/storage, data export and any additional customization.
    To give you a more detailed pricing option, we would need more info on how you wish to use the platform, you can connect with us at +1 800 485 4462 or simply write us at to schedule a quick call and understand how our pricing works.

  • Is there any hidden cost of implementation/support which gets added to the pricing?

    There will not be any hidden costs after we share our pricing with you based on your usage. The pricing model will be very transparent and will be customized as per your needs. However, if you have any custom requests which are not available, there will be nominal charges attached based on your requested deliverables.

  • What is the cost of owning Lumenore?

    Lumenore is a SAAS platform. We create a new instance for every enterprise and provide the login URL to the user which they can say they own. The cost of owning depends on the number of users needed, the amount of data that needs to be stored, computed and downloaded, and the kind of customizations needed. We can discuss that in detail to derive pricing. You can connect with us at +1 800 485 4462 or simply write us at to schedule a quick call and understand how our pricing works.

  • What is the minimum number of users required to access all features of Lumenore?

    We don't believe in a one-solution-fits-all approach and hence there is no such thing as "all features".We customize our solution for your needs and make features available to you according to your needs.

  • As a self-service model, doesLumenore provide additional support? Is it a part of the enterprise plan?

    Support is included for any issues occurring in self-service usage. (Any technical guidance, service requirement will be accessed and communicated using change request)