The COVID-19 Situation Tracker Dashboard

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Customer Care Challenges, and what is the “New Normal”​?

April 17, 2020

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Done with Dashboards?

Are you too excited with the glimmer…

Apr 10, 2020

Building a successful contact center

Building a Successful Contact Center

Today’s customer is more tech-savvy and informed…

Dec 03, 2019

The Power of Data Visualization

Converting data into visuals has been a…

Nov 22, 2019

AI in Marketing – helping marketers to be more targeted and creative…

In recent years, businesses across a wide…

Nov 15, 2019

Analyzing Mutli-Channel Data

We were delighted to recently kick off…

Nov 15, 2019

‘Do You Know’- Augmented Analytics Demystified

Let’s talk about what “Augmented Analytics” really…

Oct 10, 2019