Advancing Productivity and Profitability with Manufacturing Intelligence

Solve critical bottlenecks and unleash growth with a unified data and analytics platform for manufacturers.

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Lumenore unlocks opportunities across the manufacturing value chain with actionable and reliable business intelligence that helps manufacturers identify the most impactful levers of change and sustainable growth. Address bottlenecks across highly complex systems with a robust data universe that successfully shortens decision times. Drive growth even in uncertain business environments and prepare for future disruption with AI-powered analytics.

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Make the Leap to Industry 4.0

From reducing design and engineering costs to boosting quality control, Lumenore delivers actionable insights to ensure faster and more accurate decision making across the organization. 

With correlation mapping, outlier detection, and trend identification, look beyond the usual improvement levers for incremental changes in productivity and a higher return on assets (ROA).

Get complete control over raw material procurement process, overall spend and modernize legacy processes to enable real-time decision making.

Ensure quality standards are met without an increase in quality control costs. Drill into metrics around sales mix, resource allocation, and customer acquisition cost by asking business questions in plain English.

Track inventory in real-time while effectively managing issues related to defective goods, warehousing, stock turnover, and distribution. Bring down time spent and phase out manual processes for a more financially efficient business.

Improve Overall Business Outcome with Unified BI

Transform organizational performance by streamlining processes with the right analytics. Build a single, verified source of truth to instill a data-driven culture.

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