Fuel Higher Performance with Energy Intelligence 

Generate higher returns on investment and improve throughput with a tailored energy intelligence platform.

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Unlock New Opportunities for Value Creation

Lumenore helps energy businesses anticipate market conditions and boost performance across the entire upstream oil and gas value chain with contextualized insights. Optimize control-room decisions, improve the operational resilience of complex process facilities and manage market uncertainty better with a robust data universe.

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Get a 360° View of Operations 

From identifying market opportunities to leading predictive maintenance, Lumenore delivers actionable insights to ensure faster and more accurate decision-making across the organization.

Translate data from disparate sources into intelligence that positively impacts the bottom line. With pre-built connectors for 150+ sources, build a repository of organizational intelligence that can be accessed by all business users in real-time. From maintaining strong government relationships to allocating financial and human resources, leverage a single source of truth for insight-informed decisions.

Alert operators to conditions hours and days in the future, and enable them to respond fast and effectively. Identify bottlenecks to drive prescriptive action and reduce downtime with AI-powered predictive analytics. Determine the levers that ensure optimal operating conditions with Augmented Intelligence.

Empower workforce with insights to improve recovery and sustainability rates. Deliver highly targeted offerings and manage both cyber and on-prem risks by having a complete visibility on operations by asking business questions in plain English with NLQ-based Conversational Intelligence.

Get a 360° view of institutional operations. Discover levers that allow decision-makers to identify opportunities for interventions without increasing IT costs or technical complexity. With correlation mapping, outlier detection, and trend identification, quantify impact and utilize evidence-based changes to shape overall business strategy.

Get All Your Data in One Place

Transform siloed data into insights that inform decision-making at all levels. Empower administrators and educators with a solution that reduces the technical complexity of building a data-driven culture. 

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