Seizing Market Opportunity with Insurance Intelligence

Build the future of insurance by harnessing data from any system to get tailored intelligence - all in one BI platform.

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Realize Gains across The Insurance Value Chain

Lumenore helps insurers reimagine the value chain by simplifying the customer journey, identifying differentiated and tailored offerings, and advancing risk management by leveraging their own data. Maximize the power of your data with a robust data universe that helps build a single source of truth to guide business strategy. Optimize customer segmentation, improve product offerings, and drive omni-channel campaigns with AI-powered analytics.

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Embrace Data-Led Innovation

From advanced risk assessment to a smoother assistance claim journey, Lumenore delivers actionable insights to ensure faster and more accurate decision making across the organization.

Align product offerings to market and customer sentiment for easily customizable and highly targeted offerings. Proactively meet customer demands by getting critical insights on demand with Conversational Intelligence. Drill into metrics about loss ratio, customer acquisition, and more by asking business questions in plain English.

Reduce price-based competition and overall operational spend by reducing fraud with a dynamic, data-driven risk assessment. Identify risk with more granularity and accuracy with Augmented Intelligence.Benefit from risk checks at all levels - from customer qualification and creditworthiness to policy recommendations - with AI-powered predictive analytics.

Discover drivers that allow for better and more tailored customer interactions. With outlier detection, trend identification, and correlation mapping, get a 360° view of customer sentiment. Identify top-performing distribution channels, analyze pricing strategies, and measure customer interactions over time to inform your customer success strategy.

Translate user data into intelligence that positively impacts the bottom line. With pre-built connectors for 150+ sources, build a repository of organizational intelligence that shapes decision-making at all levels. From reducing the average time to settle a claim to cutting down policy administration costs, leverage a single source of truth for insight-informed decisions.

Improve Overall Business Outcome with Unified BI

TA powerful and en-to-end BI solution reduces the technical complexity of building a data-driven culture and makes it easier to tap into the business value of the data.

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