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Drive business decisions by creating a powerful data universe.

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Steer Disruption by Shifting the Right Gears

Lumenore enables automakers to leverage data from streamlining operations, managing inventories, and attracting customers with superior service. By building Data Universe, Lumenore prepares the data to derive values in order to identify sales opportunities, understand market trends and stay ahead of competition.

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Make the Smartest and the Fastest Move

Utilizing real-time data, Lumenore monitors production outcomes, resources availability, staffing and more. Lumenore enables automakers to constantly monitor operations to improvise the efficiency of product development and manage input costs.

Foresee future trends and analyse the sale of the product using predictive intelligence. Consolidate financial data, find new sales opportunities, understand customer needs to generate revenue. Define new marketing strategies to attract more customers and communicating with the right prospects.

Innovate and develop vehicles basis customer and market needs. With advanced analytics, obtain insights from competition mapping. The ‘Do You Know’ feature of Lumenore helps you with automated insights on future trends and needs by analyzing both historical and current data.

By predicting future demand, managing the inventories, avail resources in advance at a reasonable price. Analyze the offerings from various vendors and choose the best available options in the market.

Improve throughout by quickly analysing equipment efficiency, and employee to understand the uptime of the production. With the help of Lumenore’s AI-powered Intelligence, automakers can see easily identify outliers and improve production quality.

Making Sense of Extensive Automobile Data

Lumenore turns every hectic day-to-day task simpler by providing quicker insights on production numbers, equipment status, budget and a lot more.

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