Drive Better Performance at Scale  

Unlock hidden opportunities and new sources of value guided by a robust data universe that powers telecom intelligence.  

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Capture Market Share with Rapid Innovation Cycles

Lumenore helps telcos fundamentally transform their network and customer operations across multiple dimensions by leveraging insights.   Navigate the long-term shifts in consumer behaviour and market demand with data-driven decision-making at each step. Strengthen customer trust, optimize prospecting and marketing spend, and realize build targets with AI-powered analytics.

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Generate Higher Margins in a Crowded Market

From guiding pricing models to transforming operational processes, Lumenore delivers actionable insights to ensure faster and more accurate decision making across the organization. 

Generate significant value and achieve cost efficiencies from service operations, on both the customer and network fronts.   With correlation mapping, outlier detection, and trend identification, ensure allocation of resources to the highest-value areas, cost reduction, and enhancement service levels.  

Get unprecedented visibility into operations to streamline processes.  Predict the likelihood of network disruptions more accurately and detect when performance falls below a certain level with Augmented Intelligence. Get better visibility into network issues and personalize customer support initiatives with AI-powered predictive analytics. 

Develop the most appropriate path to profitability by evaluating financial and strategic costs and benefits. Deliver highly targeted offerings that ensure future readiness by getting critical insights on demand with Predictive Intelligence. Drill into metrics about quality of interest, market performance, and consumer behaviour by asking business questions in plain English.

Translate data from disparate sources into intelligence that positively impacts the bottom line. With pre-built connectors for 150+ sources, build a repository of organizational intelligence that can be accessed by stakeholders across the organization. Quantify project timelines of each building. Prioritize where to start - individual buildings, asset classes, or regions -  and accurately determine pricing strategy. 

Get All Your Data in One Place  

Harness the potential of your data and a unified BI platform to capture substantial additional revenues through customer retention and acquisition while reducing operating costs.

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