Integrate Intelligence to Improve the Future of Healthcare

Unlock value-based care and enhance medical services by creating a data universe into your healthcare system.

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Building a data-driven approach for improved health outcomes

Healthcare professionals always face immense pressure in providing the best healthcare services at the earliest to their patients. Combining data and deriving insights can help them in taking the best and most immediate actions, especially during the time of emergency. Lumenore makes it easier by building a data universe and helps with making reliable decisions.

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Enhance healthier lives with Clinical Intelligence

Lumenore helps healthcare professionals with complete access to various data including patients, resources, healthcare facilities, and medicines. This helps in facilitating preventive and emergency care, thereby building a safer and healthier community.

Get an idea of the availability of resources, medicines, and staff in real-time. Utilize this data to improve the quality of service and reduce waiting time for patients. Obtain insights to take immediate actions during the time of emergencies.

Manage the patient-staff ratio to provide efficient services. Data on the availability of staff, patient care, and emergency needs help in analyzing and boosting the performance of healthcare staff.

Provide better services to patients by foreseeing and analyzing data on resources and infrastructure. Easily avail information on occupied vs vacant beds, new admissions, bed ratio per patient and hospital equipment.

Advanced analytics throws light on effective planning of budget. Forecasts of the spend on infrastructure, logistics, medical equipment, Lab supplies, testing, and pathological needs can help in managing the expenses.

Redefine the Vision of Growing a Healthier Population

Lumenore’s healthcare intelligence can help you produce healthier results on the financial, clinical, and operational aspects of your healthcare organization. Lumenore allows healthcare organizations to fully utilize the potential of data to enhance patient outcomes and service delivery, and bridge the gaps between healthcare data and actions taken.

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