About the Business

A Tier 1 automotive parts supplier manufactures linkage and suspension parts for global OEMs with global presence in Canada, Germany, the Czech Republic, and the US.  They partnered with Lumenore to modernise and streamline their operational processes for robust manufacturing, and enhance their decision-making for innovation.

Impact on the Business

  • 1100% inventory costs reduced
  • 6+ core KPIs met
  • Reduced time spent on analysis from 1 week to real-time

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Read what the IT Lead had to say

“We have a much clearer picture of our WIP inventory at all times and do not have to wait for the month-end to see how things look. In our business better control of our RAW material, WIP inventory, ability to ship products to customers are some of the key KPIs. These KPIs help us manage our business on a day-to-day basis.

Lumenore dashboards make relevant information available to us with a few clicks on the keyboard.”

Global Director IT,

THK Rhythm Automotive (a subsidiary of THK Group)


Automotive parts business is a very competitive business so profit margins are very tight and limited. In such an environment keeping operations running smoothly with no disruptions is critical.

Another challenge the client faced was the logistical nightmare of inventory management. They had no clue on when raw material shipments were expected, what the production schedule is or should be, what the shipping schedule should be to avoid expedited air shipments, etc.

The firm decided to partner with Lumenore for increased visibility, enhanced performance on core KPIs, and reduced human errors.

Boris Evelson


The company accessed actionable information when they needed it with no technical skills with Lumenore’s powerful business intelligence. Lumenore improved the scalability and reliability of the company and cut down negative inventory by 1100% to supercharge its effectiveness.

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