Turn text into actionable
insights with text analytics.

Uncover the depths of knowledge within
unstructured text, driving informed decision-making.

Tailor-made brilliance


With a highly customizable text analytics feature that's aligned to organization-specific goals, you gain the ability to focus on the insights that matter most to your business. This level of personalization encourages better decision-making, enabling you to seize opportunities, mitigate risks, and drive overall business success.

Analytics for everyone

Enable everyone in your organization to access analytics and make confident data-backed decisions.

The no-code, user-friendly interface helps users analyze social media posts, customer reviews, and internal documents with ease. With clear visualizations and intuitive navigation, it presents business insights in an easily digestible format, making it accessible to all users, regardless of technical prowess.

State of the art NLP

Experience the next generation of text analytics with cutting edge NLP algorithms.

Crafted with precision, they're engineered to dive deep into oceans of textual data, uncovering hidden patterns and trends that lie beneath the surface with remarkable speed and efficiency. Discover powerful insights within your text and unlock a new era of actionable intelligence.

The Ultimate Analytics Suite

Experience the convenience of having all your go-to analytics in one place.

It seamlessly integrates with Lumenore's analytics tools, offering a comprehensive all-in-one platform for your data-driven needs. From immersive data visualization to predictive intelligence, access a wide range of analytics technology to better understand your customers, competitors, and industry trends.

Sentiment Analysis, fueled by NLP helps you understand the sentiments of your customers, extracting valuable insights in real-time. With cutting-edge text analytics, you can uncover key trends and distinguish positive from negative comments to address pain points and enhance C-SAT across multiple channels.

N-gram analysis helps you unearth hidden trends by identifying the most frequently occurring words, bi-grams, tri-grams and higher-order n-grams in your data, guiding you in optimizing your strategy and maximizing your ROI.

Direct connectivity with Twitter and LinkedIn accounts helps you seamlessly integrate and analyze data from these platforms without compromising your data or privacy.

Topic modeling is key to gaining valuable insights from unstructured data as it counts words, identifies patterns and reveals the essence of customer feedback. Sparing you hours of manual analysis lets you quickly grasp what customers say about specific features, empowering you to make informed decisions that drive customer-centric innovation.

Say goodbye to guesswork

Tap into actionable insights from diverse textual data, for deeper understanding, confident decision-making with speed and accuracy.