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To succeed in business, you need to hold onto something you can trust, especially in today's volatile market. In this case, it's data and the insights generated by it. Get the Lumenore guidebook and learn how to extract values out of your organizational data and build a future-proof organization.

Take complete advantage of your Organizational Data

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Creating Amazing Data Experiences with Data Universe

Lead your business goals by creating a robust and scalable data architecture. Learn about every possible way to put
your data into use and meet success in less time.

Plunge into the world of data

Handholding you through every process of data management. Discover how we make your data always ready to generate insights for your business.

Shape data to narrate your business story

Understanding your data is no more a challenge. Using the personalized and interactive dashboard of Lumenore, gain access to the insights easily.

Connect data from anywhere

Improve your business performance with data unification. Seamlessly connect your working tools with data to extract more values out of it.

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Humanizing Modern Business Intelligence

Getting access to data and insights is easy now. The data management process has moved from 'looking for the insights' to 'get notified with the insights'. With Lumenore's unique AI-powered features, users can learn about organizational data in as easy a way as browsing for answers.

Power up your business by plugging AI into BI

Integrate AI into BI. Understand more about your current business condition. Learn about future possibilities and make actionable decisions for sustainable business growth.

Data can speak in your language

Modern BI can communicate in plain English. Powered by NLQ, conversational intelligence can make querying easier.

‘Do you Know’ the future of your business?

Analyze the current and historical data to predict future outcomes, spot outliers, and foresee risk. Lumenore’s ‘Do You Know’ provides automated updates about future market trends and needs in advance.

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Why Lumenore?

Outlier Detection and Notification

Detect anomalies in data and get real-time notifications using threshold alerts.

Intelligence over Data

Access a repository of organizational intelligence that is actionable and tailored.

Customized Solutions

Get personalized solutions as per industry or organizational needs.

Highly Scalable Architecture

Integrate and analyze in real-time large volumes of data stored across various silos.

Higher ROI with an End-to-End Platform

Extract more value from your data with industry-leading insights at competitive costs.

Completely Self Service

Ensure faster and more accurate decision-making with an intuitive, no-code platform.

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Get business intelligence that drives decisions - tailored to your industry.