About Us

Lumenore is a suite of advanced products focused on performance management and is designed specifically for B2C companies.
Lumenore’s core products enable and improve:

  • Customer interaction insights
  • Operational performance
  • Quality & compliance
  • Workforce performance enhancement

Lumenore utilizes a common dataset to feed its powerful platform to visualize, analyze, actionize, as well as monetize business operations.

Business Intelligence for every Industry

Customer Care

Enhance customer experience with right customer analytics and voice-enabled analytics


Handle operations and sales with analytics driven decisions


Insights through financial trends and analytics for business


Analyze your customer behavior to offer tailored services for the end-user


Analyze customer and market sentiment to bring out the right insights

Media & Entertainment

Identify and set new trends with powerful data analytics

Government & Education

Improve governance and track performance of new initiatives easily

Solve challenges in every business role


Fine-tune your business operations with data insight-driven strategies

Human Resources

Improve employee experience and performance with insights


Equip your team with the tools to sell faster and better

Customer Service

Solve issues faster by continually improving the customer experience. Improve customer experience by solving issues faster


Make smart financial decisions with data-enabled insights


Identify the gaps and streamline IT workflows to ensure zero failures


Execute better campaigns and deliver greater return