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What made Lumenore?

Our journey began in 2013 when we started to think about a route to best address our customer’s business needs. The answer was Lumenore – a results driven analytics platform with a top-down KPI focused approach. Lumenore is the result of our first-hand experience with clients and was developed to complement human intelligence with the power of high speed technology that declutters and simplifies inputs.

Who We Are

We consider ourselves the anti-dashboards team. We want to enlighten people with insights into their business, rather than the clutter of pretty charts and graphs. We bridge the gap between traditional visualization with the newest and most advanced technology to bring people the insights they need at the time they need it. We believe insight generation is the science and the art of exploring, creating, and delivering business value.

In a mission to make people better. We have created a platform that empowers human intelligence with insights that are simple yet consumable. Leveraging Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence, and Robotic Process Automation, Lumenore’s common dataset feeds its powerful platform to visualize, analyze, actionize, and monetize. Lumenore helps people  make informed  business decisions.

Why We Love Lumenore


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Varun Gaur

Director - Product Management

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Director - Launch Management

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Director - BI Services

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Director - Analytics & BI Architecture

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Marketing Manager

Where We Are

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