The right BI platform can give you outsized returns.
The wrong ones can cost you untapped revenue. 

As of 2020, 51.9% of firms were increasing their rate of investment in BI and analytics tools, down from 91.6% in 2019. The reason for the nearly 50% drop? A lack of tangible results from the spend on BI platforms. This whitepaper:

Role of platform complexity
Outlines the role of platform complexity in undermining the results from BI platforms
Two Frameworks
Provides two frameworks to help you develop a scoresheet for your BI platform
Transformational Power
Dives into the transformational power of conversational querying and push analytics

The whitepaper will show you how to identify the right platform that not only delivers on key metrics but also encourages the adoption of a data culture across the organization. Bonus: you get a 30-days trial of Lumenore for free!

Distill data into decision, with Lumenore

Our goal is to democratize business intelligence by simplifying and automating the intelligence gathering process - giving you a single-pane view into your organization. With Lumenore, we help you empower teams across your organization to collaborate and make data-driven decisions in a no-code environment.