Operations Intelligence

Improve Business
Processes Efficiently with Operational Business Intelligence

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Infuse actionable insights into workflow for improved productivity

A data-driven strategy is necessary given the increasing level of competition, demands, and customer expectations. By distributing near real-time BI insights into the workflow can improve efficiency in production and customer experiences.

Lumenore can assist in increasing production by efficiently and effectively using data. The Data Universe replaces traditional data silos with real-time data pipelines and AI, enabling action and informed decision-making.

Create Customized Journeys to Enhance Customer Experiences

Inventory Management

Understand stock positions, stock availability, and its value through constantly analyzing Inventory data.

Improve Sales

Get hold of the right customers at the right time by foreseeing demands and producing goods according to the trends.

Shipment Logistics Management

Deliver products on time to customers by monitory shipment data and using powerful insights to fasten up the delivery time.

Supply Planning Development

Optimize inventory and meet services on time by analyzing the availability of resources and managing production.

Optimize Production Planning

Foresee demands and trends to plan production and maximize revenue growth.

Product Quality Management

Detect and provide solutions to the quality issues of the products by spotting outliers and using insights from manufacturing data.

Boost production efficiency through advanced analytics

Lumenore provides custom-made intelligence and advanced data solutions to streamline the overall flow of production. With AI-powered insights, drill-down capabilities, and natural language querying, Lumenore gives actionable insights that help the production team to produce the best-in-class products to their customers.

Conversational Intelligence with Ask Me

Want to know more about the stock availability in your warehouse? Type your questions or ask Alexa for smooth and streamlined production insights. Lumenore’s ’Ask Me’ module is powered by Natural Language Querying, you get all your answers in a fraction of a second.

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Predictive Intelligence with Do You Know

Foresee demands and market trends with advanced data discovery. Prepare your cost-effective production formula in advance with Lumenore’s AI-driven ‘Do You Know’ solution which gives you insights before you ask for.

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Enable customized solutions to streamline all operational processes