Data without analytics is a wasted asset, and analytics without action is a wasted effort.

The fastest-growing enterprises are using sales analytics effectively to edge out the competition. Learn from the visionary product leader and analytics guru, Donald Farmer, how your business can turbocharge sales productivity with the right intelligence.


Donald Farmer

Principal, TreeHive Strategy
Strategic Advisor, Lumenore
Analytics unstuck

Only 28% of businesses have successfully
adopted BI tools for sales intelligence.

Your Salesforce data is a goldmine for deriving critical insights for sales productivity and prospecting. The right BI platform can democratize sales intelligence and uncover powerful business trends with simplicity. Watch Donald talk about how robust, self-service BI platforms can ease the load of sales teams.

Distill data into decision, with Lumenore

Our goal is to democratize business intelligence by simplifying and automating the intelligence gathering process - giving you a single-pane view into your organization. With Lumenore, we help you empower teams across your organization to collaborate and make data-driven decisions in a no-code environment.