Powering Performance with Your Own Data Universe

Tackle data silos with a high-impact, scalable, and secure data layer

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Reimagine How Data is Collected and Managed

Lumenore helps businesses ramp up their time to insight by building a reliable, single source of truth.

From data ingestion and scheduling that automates the complexity of building and maintaining pipelines, to running data workloads directly on a data lake, Lumenore ensures quality and reliability across the data infrastructure.

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Embed Context into Your Data Assets

Make insight discovery and team collaboration quick and efficient with simplified data architecture and enhanced data integration.


Automate data ingestion from over 150 connectors including, both in-house and SaaS, enterprise systems, ERP, CRM, data lakes, SQL and No-SQL databases, data warehouse, and data marts.


Transform incoming data with ease. Standardize and clean big data, stitch datasets together and manage all of your data sources from your own, personalized data universe.


Gather and configure multiple data sources in an accelerated data model that auto-refreshes and ensures up-to-the-minute accuracy. Add strong data controls and data lineage capabilities from the first step.

Striking a Balance between Agility and Control

Create your own data lake

Simplify ETL development and management with declarative pipeline, improved data reliability and cloud-scale operations to help build the lakehouse foundation.

Accelerate decision-making

Build tailored analytics packages to ensure standardized and simplified decision-making for each business function.

Adhere to data security standards

Quickly and accurately update data in your data lake to comply with regulations like GDPR and maintain better data governance through audit logging.

Crafting a More Perfect Experience

Collaborate with all teams

Furnish a reliable single source of truth for your data, including real-time streams. So that your data teams are always working with the updated, time-relevant data.

Enhance productivity of all teams

Increase your data team's productivity by enabling user-based policies for curated data workflows. Reduce risk with fine-grained access controls for improved security and data governance

Prevent data breaches for all teams

Secure sensitive information at scale with BYOK encryption 2-factor authentication, SSO integration, and event logging.

Make insights accessible to all teams

Get anyone to mine for insights with advanced analytics on an intuitive BI platform - without coding.

One Platform to Build Intelligence for All

Accelerate decision-making with the right insights.