Intelligence Customized to Your Business and Industry

Lumenore offers customized Enterprise Analytics Solutions for a host of industries. It helps generate forecasts, comparisons and predictive analytics based on industry trends and preferences. An integrated software and service model, it connects data from all your enterprise sources. Through advanced analytics, discover insights specific to your business – driving performance at every step.

   Customer Care

Customer satisfaction is critical to business success and support teams need to be equipped with the right information. Lumenore provides businesses with a complete view of their customer interactions. Track customer queries to resolution and ensures that support teams have the right information to solve customer issues faster. Analyze customer incidents and identify trends to ensure proactive resolutions.


Lumenore’s BI Solution for the automotive industry offers insights into sales forecasts, profit, gross inventory, staffing, and other financial and operational KPIs through advanced analytics. Adopted by some of the big names in the automobile industry. Lumenore delivers mined data on a unified platform to help make decisions that set businesses apart from the competition.


Financial data is generated by almost every department in an organization and almost all of it is unstructured, scattered and valuable. Lumenore business analytics platform collates business data and provides financial data analytics for businesses to make sense of it all. Easily discover where profits are being made and locate the potential risks. Identify revenue and asset growth trends, monitor business profitability and get on-time market insights.


Continuous disruptions in technology make the telecom sector one of the most dynamic business sectors. Lumenore’s BI Solution for the telecom industry offers a holistic analysis of vast amounts of data to generate insights on usage, network and financial KPIs for telecom business optimization.


Retail businesses generate reams of data every day. Making sense of all the data is not just a challenge, but a necessity too. Lumenore’s BI Solution for the retail industry offers the power to collate and analyze different types of data including supplier and inventory tracking, sales numbers and more. Our data scientists mine the data from all data sources to deliver flexible dashboards that help streamline inventories, improve the efficiency of distribution networks and optimize stock levels.

   Media and Entertainment

Across communication mediums, the effectiveness of content is critical to success. Lumenore’s BI Solution for the media industry delivers powerful insights from data across media channels. The data is consolidated and analyzed on a single platform to deliver powerful intelligence on speech analytics, CSAT, quality management, finance, contact center inbound and outbound KPIs.

   Government and Education

Lumenore’s Enterprise Analytics Solution offers powerful tools that help government departments discover insights for efficient governance. Get data-enabled intelligence into service usage and citizen complaints to assess the effectiveness of public welfare initiatives and devise quick actions to solve challenges.


Lumenore’s near real time Solution for construction business offers actionable data points on budget planning, procurement, labor & resource schedules and utilization, replenishment of raw materials for improved cost optimization. Lumenore’s advanced analytics platform supports future project bidding and planning to speed up your business and make it more predictable.

Gain 360-degree view of your business with Enterprise Analytics Solutions from Lumenore