A Comprehensive Approach to Business Intelligence

Seamless integration of multi-vendor operations can be problematic, distancing businesses from effective decisions and strategies. Lumenore offers a complete business intelligence solution that takes care of every single aspect of BI, dispensing with the need for multiple vendors. Our platform integrates with all components and services needed for a Business Intelligence application.

High-speed Deployment of Complete BI Solutions

Interactive Dashboards, Strong Visualization

Self-service dashboards and clear visualization simplify interactions

High Speed Deployment

Proven solutions with flexible customization permit high speed deployment

End-to-end Solutions

All components and services in a single solution offers seamless integration

Insights – Declutter your Data

Superior solutions to collate, make sense of and deliver insights from reams of unstructured data

Generating Business Intelligence isn’t your problem anymore. It’s what we do best, and we do it different from everyone else.