Experience Next-Gen
Analytics with an AI-Infused

Lumenore Unifies your Data Teams

An end-to-end decision intelligence platform that drives business growth. Lumenore helps you build a single, reliable source of truth that delivers actionable business intelligence anyone in the organization can use.


Reduce Data Silos

Connect to 50+ data sources with just a few clicks. Manage data integration seamlessly without worrying about diverse sources, formats, and types.

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Data Universe

Build a Single Source of Truth

Streamline your data management with a modern tech stack. Reduce deployment costs, time, and risks with a unified pipeline of insights.

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For Powerful Storytelling

Get a single-pane view of your entire business. Explore freely by drilling down into the specific metrics you're interested in without losing business context.

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Conversational Analytics

For Easy Access to Insights

Ask Me allows you to get insights by asking in plain English. Users with any level of technical skill can access the right intelligence.

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Predictive Intelligence

Get Sophisticated Insights

Get deeper insights and extract more value from your data. Harness AI for advanced insights discovery to build a repository of business intelligence.

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What If Analysis

Stay Ahead of Risk

Build various business scenarios to quantitatively identify the impact business drivers can have on core business metrics.

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Empowering Customer Decisions across the Globe

Lumenore helps businesses by tapping into their data universe and ramping up their performance and growth with a powerful, integrated decision intelligence platform.


Seamless data acquisition, improved accessibility, and powerful architecture for optimal data management.

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Simpler insight discovery to empower individuals at any skill level to make data-driven decisions.

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Text and voice-based insight querying for faster and easier access to insight from your data.

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AI-powered predictive intelligence to ensure you have access to in-depth analysis and actionable business recommendations.

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Reliable Intelligence Delivered

Drive informed decisions across the organization with Lumenore — an end-to-end business intelligence and analytics platform that sifts data from any business application.

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Power Organizational Growth and Performance

Access insights faster with your own data universe that captures data from all sources.

Data Engineering

Easily transform and standardize different kinds of data sources into a consistent structure. Reduce the time to insight with a parallelized approach or a customized ETL solution.

Data Warehouse

Your data warehouse is a single source of truth for your data. Ensure lowered costs of deployment with a cloud-scale platform.

  • Data Governance

    Ensure the focus is on meeting business requirements without compromising on compliance and customized in-platform controls.

  • Data Lineage

    Simplify data tracking and authenticity with a quick-view of data source within the dashboard.

  • Data Security

    Maintain the integrity and confidentiality of all data and intellectual property with a comprehensive data security framework.

Predictive Intelligence

Forecast trends, draw up demand predictions, and mitigate risks in advance with augmented analytics.

Conversational Analytics

Ease problem-solving with natural language querying that allows users of any skill level to ask and receive insights in conversational English.

Embedded Analytics

Make insight-informed decisions with embedded dashboards you can access from any internal or third-party apps.

Delivering Value for Clients

Increasing Revenue for an Automotive OEM

A global Automotive OEM saw a decline in revenue but couldn't identify their biggest leakages.

How Lumenore Helped

Boosting Productivity at a Contact Center

The contact center needed a cost-effective way to increase their agent productivity and improve customer satisfaction.

How Lumenore Helped

Retaining Talent at an IT Services Firm

The IT Services firm was looking for a data-driven way of increasing employee engagement and retaining talent.

How Lumenore Helped

Accelerate decision-making with the right insights.