From Salesforce Data Silos to Sales Intelligence

Get faster speed to sales insights with one-click data import and no-code analytics. Use boilerplate Salesforce templates or integrate your own Salesforce data to see how you can transform revenue operations.


With a single click, see how you can arm your sales team with intelligence.

Single-pane view into your sales operations

Empower your team to derive actionable analytics from sales data - with advanced analytics, AI-driven recommendations, and faster speed to insight. Get a transparent view of your pipeline and drive successful business outcomes from day 1.

For targeted revenue generation

AI Driven Insights
With ‘Do You Know’s advanced forecasting and outlier detection features, automate ‘push’ analytics that give your sales team deal-closing insights without having to ask!
Conversational Intelligence
Our proprietary ‘Ask Me’ feature offers Voice and text-based search for insights that are as easy as Googling - getting you faster speed to insight.
Instant Intelligence
Paired with a one-click Salesforce integration that needs no data preparation or cleansing, helping you drive actionable decisions from day 1.

Resource library

From how-to guides to industry-focused solutions,
get your hands on all things Lumenore.

Distill data into decision, with Lumenore

Our goal is to democratize business intelligence by simplifying and automating the intelligence gathering process - giving you a single-pane view
into your organization. With Lumenore, we help you empower teams across your organization to collaborate
and make data-driven decisions in a no-code environment.