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Bring home more deals and proactively manage your real estate operations, performance, and market data with real-time automated insights and real estate analytics for accelerated sales.

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Unlock more deals with AI-powered Real Estate Analytics

In the fiercely competitive real estate market, sound decision-making is non-negotiable. Get precise, up-to-the-minute insights to dissect market dynamics, seize opportunities, optimize efficiency and make decisions that yield higher returns at lower costs.

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Building a solid infrastructure for your real estate business begins here.

Leverage real-time insights into market trends, property performance and customer behavior to enhance decision-making and maximize sales. With fast AI-powered real estate data intelligence, real estate agents gain a competitive advantage to navigate the market with precision and confidence.

Real Estate Conversion

Turn inquiries into successful deals with an in-depth view of the conversion process from inquiry to final sale. By analyzing key conversion metrics, real estate businesses can identify bottlenecks, refine strategies, and boost conversion rates with real-time insights and customizable reporting. Find out

  • Which sales strategies are most effective in closing deals?
  • What is the conversion rate of inquiries into successful deals?
  • How does response time impact conversion rates?
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Real Estate Site Visit

Maximize the impact of property showings with actionable insights into site visits, and customer preferences. Identify high-interest properties, tailor marketing efforts, and respond swiftly to customer inquiries with real-time alerts. Get answers to questions like:

  • Which properties generate the most interest during site visits?
  • What are the most common preferences and interests of potential buyers?
  • How can marketing efforts be tailored based on customer engagement patterns?
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Real Estate Allocation

Streamline lead management with a unified platform to manage and track inquiries, guaranteeing no leads slip through the cracks. Advanced analytics and automation features help efficiently prioritize leads, assign them to suitable agents, and closely monitor their progression through the sales pipeline. Get answers to:

  • Which leads are the most promising and should be prioritized?
  • How quickly are leads progressing through the sales process?
  • Which agents are most effective in converting leads into deals?
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Real Estate Inquiry

Optimize resource allocation and investment strategies with cutting-edge real estate visualization tools to evaluate market trends, investment opportunities, and meticulously allocate resources. The real estate dashboard also delivers real-time alerts for rapid response to market shifts and optimization of investment returns. Find out:

  • How effectively are resources allocated across different properties?
  • Which locations or properties offer the best return on investment?
  • Are there any market trends impacting resource allocation?
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Get a detailed snapshot of your financial operations.

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Human Resource

Ensure exceptional employee experiences with insight-informed decisions.

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Information Technology

Run your IT department with ease with function-specific insights.

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Evaluate and optimize your marketing efforts across different channels.

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Measure and maximize resource productivity and operational efficiency.

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Accelerate your sales performance with business health indicators.

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