Pre-configured Solutions from Lumenore

   Campaign Analytics

Optimize marketing strategies for maximum results with pre-configured BI solutions. Track responses of targeted segments and obtain the vital metrics to measure campaign effectiveness with the omnichannel campaign support feature. Develop focused strategies and integrate your plans for greater success with Lumenore.

   Employee Performance Management

Lumenore’s customized visual and voice analytics pre-configured for midsize businesses. It offers simplified and interactive dashboards to deliver insights on training efficiency. Helps re-orient training and HR management based on audit, feedback, and intelligent analysis

   Lumenore’s Contact Center Solution

Transform your customer support team into customer experience champions by harnessing the power of Robotic Process Automation, Business Intelligence and AI with the Lumenore’s Contact Center Solution. Empower your contact center to constantly enhance customer interaction through training audits, voice analytics and complete coaching with zero CAPEX and minimum IT involvement.

   Enterprise Financial Performance Analytics

The Financial Performance Analytics package delivers consolidated and integrated financial visibility. Allowing you to monitor and measure P&L, AP & AR, forecast and budget, thereby improving the efficiency and optimizing spend.

   Human Resource Analytics

Lumenore offers complete HR analytics to help HR professionals make data-driven decisions, provide insights on talent acquisition, attrition control, seasonality impact on attrition, employee satisfaction, and more. Extract ready-to-consume data from any HRMS application database with configurable modules to support organization needs and policies.

   Telco Business Brain

A one-stop solution to ensure Telecom organizations have deeper insights into their revenue, network, customer experience, vendors and product portfolios. The product is designed to integrate with sources like CDR, OSS, CRM, Network elements, Billing, etc. Businesses can analyze and correlate different parameters to enhance customer lifetime value, reduce churn, improve efficiency and take strategic decisions.

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