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Custom Platform

Combine Self-Service Business Intelligence with Lumenore Professional Services for customization and support.


Self Service | Professional Services | KPI Bank | Customization | Support

Industry Solutions

Combine Self-Service Business Intelligence with ready to deploy industry solutions and Lumenore professional services for configuration and support.


Training Audit | Complete Coaching | Agent Scorecard | Agent Outlier Management | Voice Analytics | Customer Survey Analytics | E–Mail Response Automation


Self-service business intelligence (BI) enables business users to access and work with corporate data even if they do not have a background in BI or data mining. Self-service BI tools allow users to filter, sort, analyze and visualize data without involving the data analysts or IT teams. Lumenore provides its user with a truly self-service experience via its 2 core components

  • Natural language query engine (Ask Me) – Once the data source is connected, user can ask any query on his data in natural language and get the desired insights.
  • Augmented Analytics engine (Do You Know) – Looks for anomalies and patterns within the data and present in form of insights automatically.

A business user that is looking to turning data into actionable business information helping the user to make smarter and more effective data-driven business decisions.

Lumenore provides monthly subscription as well. Yearly subscriptions are available at a discounted price.

We offer technical support to all our customers.

You can contact technical support through any of the following means:

Email us at askme@netlink.com

Call toll free +1800 485 4462

Lumenore integrates with many data sources. It can connect to the following categories of sources to acquire and process data:

  • Files & APIs,
  • Relational and Big Data sources
  • Marketing Software
  • Collaboration Software
  • Customer Relationship Management Software
  • Enterprise Resource Planning Software


Lumenore is adding more connectors every month to further enhance the connector coverage. In case, you need a connector for specific source system, we will be happy to assist you through our technical support at  askme@netlink.com.

Sure, you can sign up for 30 days Free trial. Try the platform with your own data and see if it meets your needs.

There are no overage charges. System limits the amount of data to be processed based on number of active user subscriptions.

There is no necessity to procure professional services. It is purely customer decision based on the complexity of their requirements.

Yes. User licenses are based on active users. You can contact us at askme@netlink.com for an enterprise package.

You can engage with Lumenore through multiple engagement models as listed below:

  1. Self-Service BI Platform – With just few clicks you can connect to your corporate data to analyze and visualize data without involving a data analysts or your IT team.
  2. Custom Platform– You can purchase user licenses to do analysis and engage Lumenore Professional Services for customization.
  3. Industry Solutions –You can purchase user licenses to do analysis and ready to deploy industry solutions for data insights.