Transform your Marketing Analytics Strategy

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Bridge the Gap Between Marketing Efforts and ROI

Marketing professionals gather tons of data from varied sources to understand future trends, customer behaviours, social media, website performance and beyond. Marketers have a lot of questions to answer. By automating data ingestion and easily transforming incoming data, marketers can get access to instant intelligence by creating a robust data universe. See how a powerful and intuitive platform increases RoI with personalized marketing intelligence.

Create customized journeys to enhance customer experiences

Integrated View of Data

Collaborate with teams by bringing their efforts in one place for reliable decision-making.

Implement Bespoke Research

Understand market trends, behaviours and patterns with in-depth analysis to identify and assess experiences.

Develop & Optimize Campaigns

Identify effective channels and create personalized campaigns by analyzing insights derived. Seamlessly measure and optimize campaign performance on the go.

Revolutionize Digital Marketing

Gain insights on social media performance, ad budgets, traffic reports and everything else digital.

Outperform Competitors

Enhance business results and produce impactful campaigns through data-driven competitive intelligence.

Personalize Customer Experience

Drill down into locations, industries, customer segmentation and preferences, all in one place.

Unleash Marketing Capabilities with Data-Driven Approaches

Lumenore helps businesses to bring relevant and reliable information for each stage of customer journeys. By bringing all marketing data into one place and getting accurate intelligence in one powerful platform, marketers are leveraging Lumenore to create bespoke customer experiences.

Conversational Intelligence with Ask Me

Want to know more about your customer behavior? Type your questions or ask Alexa for business and market-focused insights. With Lumenore's 'Ask Me' module powered by Natural Language Querying, you get all your answers in a fraction of seconds.

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Predictive Intelligence with Do You Know

Predict market trends and competitors' moves with advanced data discovery. Prepare your marketing strategies in advance with Lumenore's AI-driven 'Do You Know' solution which gives you insights before you ask for them.

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Enable Customized Solutions to Increase the Marketing ROI

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