About the Business

A leading IT service provider, renowned for providing unparalleled digital solutions to sectors such as banking, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, and telecommunications. With over 10,000 employees spread across 20 countries, they offer services ranging from digital transformation to business process outsourcing. Their collaboration with Lumenore helped them streamline their workforce and significantly boosted their sales outcomes.

Impact created

  • 60% improvement in workforce management efficiency
  • 38% increase in sales performance
  • 50% reduced time and manual effort for data collection and analysis

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Here’s what the Sales Lead had to say

“Lumenore provided us with real-time insights into our sales activities that have elevated our decision-making and customer relationships. With a comprehensive overview of our sales performance, we have optimized our sales, overcome bottlenecks and enhanced our ability to secure deals. This has translated into creating more value for our customers and achieving better sales outcomes.”

AVP Sales, Global IT Service Provider

The Challenge

The Challenge

Despite their commitment to providing top-notch digital solutions, they juggled with sales performance and workforce management due to manual data handling, leading to inconsistencies in reporting and inaccuracies in insights. The scattered data and limited access to real-time insights added to the challenge, hindering strategic decision-making. This paved the way for their partnership with Lumenore for increased efficiency, improved sales outcomes and enhanced employee satisfaction.

The Solution

The Solution

Equipped with a complete data ecosystem, the firm began transforming their legacy processes. The intuitive advanced analytics and ease of use empowered them to optimize workforce planning and boost sales performance while keeping the overall TCO low. With Lumenore's help, the firm’s HR operations witnessed remarkable improvements, fostering collaboration, transparency and data-driven decision-making. The sales team could identify trends, resolve issues, and optimize performance, unlocking unprecedented sales success.

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