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Re:Inventing Human Capital Management with Decision Intelligence 

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Drive People-Centricity in Human Capital Management

Organisations are increasingly employing data to build a culture of people-centricity. High-performing teams combine actionable business intelligence with evidence-based decision-making to get better visibility into employee sentiment, boost organizational productivity, and improve overall workforce engagement.
Lumenore solutions empowers HCM teams with powerful BI insights and people analytics that turn the organization's most valuable asset – its people – into competitive advantage.

Maximize Employee Productivity with Reliable People Analytics

Smoothen HR Operations

Enhance people operations to meet staffing and resourcing needs with predictive analytics capabilities.

Recognize Employee Sentiments

Provide the best-in-class employee experience by parsing through employee feedback.

Improve Retention

Develop evidence-based retention programs using attrition-related insights.

Provide Fair Compensation

Create competitive and tailored compensation packages based on employee productivity and cost.

Upskill Workforce

Optimize learning and skill development programs by evaluating training data.

Increase Workplace Stability

Manage intra-company employee experience by analyzing engagement, diversity, and occupancy data.

Modernize Human Capital Management with Organizational Intelligence

Lumenore provides tailored intelligence and people analytics solutions that can be used by any HR professional to become more data-driven and employee-centric. With AI-powered insights, drill-down capabilities, and natural language querying, Lumenore gives actionable insights that help HR professionals deliver on high-impact objectives.

Conversational Intelligence with Ask Me

Get answers to your HR operational queries quickly with 'Ask Me'. Type your questions or ask Alexa to get HR analytics.

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Predictive Intelligence with Do You Know

Plan your workforce capacity in advance with Lumenore's AI-driven 'Do You Know'. Predict employee performance and uncover experience trends with advanced data discovery.

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Lumenore in Action

Discover how Lumenore's HCM Intelligence solution can simplify your HR analytics journey by automating data refresh and providing advanced analytics to predict attrition. Find out how to identify at-risk employees, develop retention strategies, and get a glimpse into your future workforce all in one place.

Simplify and Streamline your HR Processes with Lumenore