Improve Citizen Experiences with Tailored Intelligence for Public Sector

Bridging the gap between legacy data systems and impactful governmental decisions.

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Unfold New Opportunities for the Betterment of Public

With advanced data and solutions, public sector companies can consolidate and analyze the needs of the public and take immediate actions for the betterment of society. Provide adequate data to citizens helping them to make decisions during a crisis or emergency response conditions. Lumenore enables both public and government sectors to create situational awareness, empower security, increase openness and reduce fraud by providing reliable insights in real time.

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Connect Data from Any Source for Actionable Insights on Citizen Services

From the security of the citizens to leveraging education for every child in a region, Lumenore consolidates every data, and process and makes it ready to derive values while making impactful government decisions.

Analyze all the historical and present data to plan and prepare the force. Get alert on national security, and foresee threats by spotting outliers in data.

Predict future situations and prepare the team for emergency response situations. Understand the needs of citizens and allocate the budget accordingly.

Make certain data transparent to the public to create awareness and utilize it to educate themselves. Use data in schools and other educational institutions to elevate the importance of education and help teachers to improve the performances of the students.

Government healthcare workers can increase patient satisfaction by combining these insights with an examination of the various healthcare service delivery alternatives and their associated costs.

Redefine the Vision of Growing a Healthier Population

From tracking day-to-day operations to allocating budget for various requirements, Lumenore makes it easier by providing easy access to data and helping with quick decisions based on facts.


With 50+ connectors streamline data acquisition and analysis with a few clicks powered by AI.

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Predictive Intelligence 

With automated insight discovery, business users can proactively access relevant insights with Do You Know – Lumenore's Predictive Intelligence module.

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Conversational Analytics

Lumenore's NLQ-based 'Ask Me' module, ask queries in plain English through text or a voice-activated device like Alexa, and receive answers immediately.

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Advanced Analytics

With advanced analytics, optimize business decisions by building an organizational repository of customer intelligence. 

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Need More Specialized Solutions to Cater to Each Function?

Get detailed intelligence about every aspect of the business with solutions tailored for key functions.


Get a detailed snapshot of your financial operations.

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Human Resource

Ensure exceptional employee experiences with insight-informed decisions.

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Information Technology

Run your IT department with ease with function-specific insights.

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Evaluate and optimize your marketing efforts across different channels.

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Measure and maximize resource productivity and operational efficiency.

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Accelerate your sales performance with business health indicators.

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