Actionable Insights for Every Business Function

Lumenore offers comprehensive solutions to feed all functional roles with crystal-clear insights. In-depth analysis of large datasets from multiple sources provides meaningful business insights.


Enable business functions including customer service, sales operations, manufacturing, and supply chain with actionable intelligence for better decision-making. Lumenore Platform mines data from operational sources to offer simplified reports and insights. With flexible and intuitive dashboards and simple visualizations, achieve seamless operational efficiency and business optimization.

  Human Resources

Build strategies for a strong organizational culture and improve employee motivation through data-driven insights with the Lumenore Performance Management Technology Platform. Its advanced dashboards enable the HR function to analyze metrics such as attrition, employee suitability, absenteeism, L&D, productivity. Take data-enabled business HR decisions that can emerge as key differentiators to performance management.


The sales function is all about building great relationships and this requires a better and more strategic understanding of clients. Lumenore Platform offers in-depth integration and analytics of data to track the sales pipeline at every stage. Monitor campaigns, track the progress of flagship products or services in real-time. With accurate and powerful insights, reduce sales cycles and improve revenues consistently.

   Customer Service

The customer support function is the frontline of any business and identifying issues on time and the ability to solve them fast and satisfactorily is critical. With Lumenore, gain on-time data insights from omnichannel inputs such as chats, tickets, and feedback. Get a ringside view of resolved and unresolved issues to achieve faster resolutions, and improve customer experience.


Business financial data is everywhere and having all your data in one place, analyzed and insight-ready can the tipping point. Lumenore Platform form possesses powerful data mining and analytics capabilities to generate dashboards from diverse data sources. Understand data in the context of financial indicators and get deep insights on areas such as revenue, cash flow, expenses, and inventory.


Lumenore Performance Management Technology Platform seamlessly integrates all aspects of your IT function. Connect IT workflows with productivity tools and generate IT project execution and track metrics easily. Integrate diverse data and tools to monitor deployment and roll-out useful information on optimization, efficiency, and planning.


The effectiveness of your marketing spend is reflected in the returns they generate. Lumenore Platform unleashes the power of analytics to understand the effectiveness of marketing campaigns better with data insights from multiple channels. With comparisons across metrics and cost-to-benefit analysis on granular levels, get the best marketing strategies in place.

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