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Prepared by:

Boris Evelson

Boris Evelson

Vice President, Principal Analyst


With contributors:

Srividya Sridharan, Aldila Yunus

Use AI-enhanced Business Intelligence (BI) platforms to transform raw data into meaningful signals and transform those signals into actionable insights for tangible business outcomes. Like any and all other services, BI is also a competitive industry. To reap just the right benefits, you must first choose from a variety of vendors who come with different regions, sizes, features etc, according to what best suits your wants and needs. Not all BI tools can cater to every function and to users at all levels. Lumenore, however, is an exception as we give customized solutions to businesses and enterprises both evenly.

Bridge the Gap Between Data and Decisions


Seamless data acquisition, improved accessibility, and powerful architecture for unparalleled performance.


Simpler insight discovery to empower individuals at any skill level to make data-driven decisions.


Text and voice-based insight querying for faster and easier access to insight from your data.


AI-powered predictive analytics to ensure you have access to in-depth analysis and actionable business recommendations.

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