Lumenore is a cloud-based Business Intelligence and Analytics platform that equips businesses with powerful, yet easy-to-use features to derive deeper data insights from multiple sources and in multiple formats. Enable functional teams to make strategic and tactical decisions based on compelling data-driven business intelligence.


Ask Me – Your Enterprise Search Engine

Uncluttered and customized dashboards for every function, comprehensive business reporting, crisp analytics and charts deliver data insights the way you want them. Designed to respond to natural language questions, the search engine feature calls out data from all sources to provide insightful reports at high speeds.

360-degree Enterprise View

Acquire a complete enterprise perspective to securely understand ‘what happened’ and ‘why it happened’. Predict ’what can happen’ to decide right and ‘make it happen’. Intuitive and advanced analytics lend clear and powerful inputs, sharpening the decision-making.


Customized Dashboards and Best-in-Class Visualizations Tools

Continuously monitor business activity with customized and ultra-modern dashboards. Dynamic and best-in-class data visualizations tools help generate analysis with superior clarity of metrics. Pre-configured KPIs and connectors ensure speed of delivery as well.

Multichannel Integration and Accessibility

Deliver actionable information to recipients by integrating data from various sources and platforms into a coherent and customized format. Provide actionable insights across the enterprise and partners through desktops and mobile apps.


Big Data and Data Science

Experience the power of data insights with advanced data mining by our data scientists. Gain predictive and prescriptive business insights using accurate and precise data analytics and data insights from all business data sources – internal and external.

Collaborative Analytics

Make strategic decisions instantly by enabling business users to collaborate, annotate, assign, and manage workflows and tasks. Enable automatic triggers and push notifications to get on-time business insights, every time.


The Lumenore Advantage


Our cloud-based platform requires zero CAPEX investment for deployment

Minimum Disruption,
Maximum Results

Move to Lumenore with minimal disruption to your IT team

High-Speed Deployment for fresh insights

Roll out Lumenore in as early as 6 weeks and get business insights, instantly

Assured End-To-End Support from Netlink

Rely on Netlink’s global expertise to deploy and manage Lumenore, effectively

Speak with our specialists and see how your data can deliver immediate results for your business