Ask Me Natural Language Processing (NLP)

The powerful AI driven AskMe understands the intent of questions asked and identifies what entities are involved in order to build the correct search algorithm and retrieve the desired result on screen.

Do you know Augmented Analytics

The Data Discovery capability within the Lumenore Platform, helps to identify the hidden patterns within the data and, based on user preferences, generates insights in natural language. It drills through hierarchies and identifies associations, correlations, outliers & trend analysis.

Real Time Notifications

Our real-time notification system allows your team to receive updates and notifications instantly. This helps your company stay engaged with what is happening in your business with the ability to act immediately.


Easily customize alerts that are relevant to your department or role including automated business alerts to make more informed decisions. Lumenore helps you to monitor the most important KPIs and automatically notifies you on the dates or occurrences selected by you so you can take immediate and effective action.

Collaborative Analytics

Easily share your views and results with other users. Collaborate with others including peers, clients or vendors in a straightforward manner using intuitive sharing and publishing options.


A powerful utility, this feature lets business users view the details in one place by focusing on one data visualization object at a time.