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About the Business:

SiriusXM Canada is the country’s leading entertainment company that creates and delivers a host of award-winning offerings. The client’s programming includes commercial-free music, premier sports talk and live events, comedy, news, and exclusive talk and entertainment.

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Given the large subscriber and listeners base to SXM Canada, customer satisfaction is the most optimal way of improving business performance.

However, there was a high degree of reliance on manual efforts for generating performance reports, which resulted in key challenges. Silos in data Integration and lack of Advanced Analytics were acutely impacting the CSAT improvement plan.


Lumenore, a simplified and self-explanatory tool helps over 600 agents and supervisors with tracking and monitoring their performance.

By visualizing agent performance in areas such as call handling time and hold time, the client was able to target areas of concern and take remedial actions using agent training and coaching activities.

With Lumenore’s advanced analytics feature, Lumenore expedited SXM Canada’s ability to correlate KPIs, spot trends and identify outliers that drove changes across the board.

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