Elevate the shopper’s journey with omnichannel e-commerce experiences.

Shoot up sales volumes and profits with AI-driven ecommerce metrics across multiple channels, online stores and carts.

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Turn window shopping into sales in seconds.

Leverage cutting-edge AI and ML solutions to dive deep into customer preferences, personalize their shopping experience, boost customer retention and overall conversion rates.

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Get an eagle’s eye view of all ecommerce metrics

With a comprehensive e-commerce admin panel to manage orders, shipping and payments from anywhere, you can streamline the entire store management process with a centralized hub of all e-commerce metrics in an intuitive interface.

Customer RMF Analysis Dashboard

Identify high-value customers, re-engage inactive customers and optimize inventory by analyzing the recency, frequency and monetary value of customer transactions with this ecommerce admin dashboard. Get answers to questions like:

  • Which customer segments show declining or increasing engagement?
  • What is the impact of different marketing campaigns on customer spending patterns?
  • How can we efficiently manage inventory to meet customer demands?
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Customer Segmentation Analysis

Delve into customer behavior, demographics and psychographics to create hyper-personalized marketing strategies and product recommendations that meet demands. This helps identify high-potential customer groups, enhance the shopping experience and foster customer loyalty.

  • Which segments have the highest potential for growth and profitability?
  • How can we create personalized shopping experiences for different customer groups?
  • Are there untapped markets or demographics we should be targeting?
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Get detailed intelligence about every aspect of the business with solutions tailored for key functions.


Get a detailed snapshot of your financial operations.

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Human Resource

Ensure exceptional employee experiences with insight-informed decisions.

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Information Technology

Run your IT department with ease with function-specific insights.

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Evaluate and optimize your marketing efforts across different channels.

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Measure and maximize resource productivity and operational efficiency.

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Accelerate your sales performance with business health indicators.

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