Spark Action with Data-Focused Storytelling

Deliver insights faster with actionable visualizations and dashboards that tell compelling data stories.

Access Custom Dashboards

Bring Data Points to Life

Make business intelligence accessible with powerful dashboards that contextualize siloed information from across the business.
Lumenore helps you create dynamic, interactive dashboards that capture business context at scale and tell data stories effectively. Drill down into any dashboard, explore different views, and combine multiple databases into a unified insight discovery platform that drives action.

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Go from Informing Users to Inspiring Actions

From building dynamic storyboards with drag-and-drop features to embedding the right insights into the right place, Lumenore helps business users drive action with powerful business intelligence that persuades.

Supercharge Your Storytelling

See the bigger picture or drill down into the minutiae with multiple, interactive dashboards that offer contextualized insights at any scale.

  • Increase granularity of reporting
  • Build storyboards to deliver data stories
  • Encourage data exploration

Gather Insights in Minutes

Discover in near-real time the insights needed to take action and lead change without moving away from your native user environment.

  • Schedule near-real time data snapshots
  • Embed dashboards into any work app
  • Export dashboards with all table data

Check the Pulse of the Business

Help business users seamlessly combine rigorous analysis with compelling visualizations without increasing costs or technical complexity.

  • Reduce analyst effort and IT spend
  • Enhance operational reporting
  • Improve team collaboration

Develop Robust Data Experiences for Everyone

Transform siloed data into an interactive data experience for all users across the organization. Inform decision-making at all levels with a powerful business intelligence platform that enables diverse use cases and tailored solutions.


With 50+ connectors streamline data acquisition and analysis with a few clicks powered by AI

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Predictive Intelligence

With automated insight discovery, business users can proactively access relevant insights with Do You Know - Lumenore's Predictive Intelligence module.

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Conversational Analytics

Lumenore's NLQ-based 'Ask Me' module, ask queries in plain English through text or a voice-activated device like Alexa, and receive answers immediately.

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Advanced Analytics

With advanced analytics, optimize business decisions by building an organizational repository of customer intelligence.

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