June 16, 2019

Customer Contact Week Conference 2019: A Recognition of Industry Leadership


The Customer Contact Week Conference and Expo took place on June 24-28, 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada this year, with over 3,000 attendees and more than 160 exhibitors. The biannual event is known as the premier conference and expo for customer experience, customer care, and contact centers, provides a platform where attendees can learn about the latest tools and technologies in their industry. The extensive conference topics and impressive expo demonstrations ranged from involving artificial intelligence to CRM, ultimately transforming the face of customer experience.


A few of the top industry challenges brought up this year included the quality of the customer experience in terms of an engaged team, the responsiveness to a customer’s issue at a contact center along with the industry facing a high staff turnover. These issues and how to resolve them were discussed in great depth throughout the conference.


Lumenore to empower all users with deep and actionable insights from even the most complex data. It is a next-gen business intelligence & analytics platform providing a thorough understanding of how to best leverage AI/ML to support the needs of all users.


Lumenore demonstrated its suite of business intelligence & analytics solutions to more than 100 people at booth #623 throughout the event and was selected as a finalist for the CCW Excellence Awards in the category of “Best Training & Development Solution.” The award recognizes individuals and teams who have made a commitment to driving superior contact center and customer experience performance. Lumenore booth attendees amazed with Lumenore capability, sharing that they had never seen a performance management technology platform “so advanced and with such an ease of use.”


Lumenore’s, Training Audit Plus was selected due to its ability to enable remote monitoring/auditing of training programs using quantitative analysis of training programs, facilitators and trainees. The Lumenore platform tracks the operational performance of the trainees post-training for a 90-day period to evaluate all performance. As a company, Lumenore’s mission is to go beyond simply providing dashboards, but also utilizing a common dataset to feed its powerful platform to visualize, analyze, actionize, as well as monetize business operations.


“Lumenore enables organizations to automate key insights that are common across businesses, enabling intelligent responses to customers driven by analytics, not intuition. They achieve this with a remarkable integration of classic business intelligence features such as visualization, along with natural language and automation” said Donald Farmer, Principal of TreeHive Strategy and globally recognized as a visionary product leader, sought after speaker and author.

This year’s Customer Contact Week Conference and Expo proved to be one of the most successful events for Lumenore and the next-gen business intelligence & analytics platform leader is looking forward to the next showcase!

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