Data Speak: Leveraging Conversational Intelligence in a Voice-driven World

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In the past year, 1 in 2 searches were voice-activated. The data is hardly surprising given that 1 in 5 Americans owns a smart speaker and 72% of them use it daily.

Speech-enabled platforms are picking up steam to become the de-facto way of doing things. Imagine if you could ask your Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics platform for insights the way you ask Google for information.

A BI platform with conversational intelligence lets you have a conversation with your data, instantaneously.

What is Conversational Intelligence?

Conversational intelligence offers a quick and easy way for users to ask business queries and get real-time insights from their data.

All that users need to do is type in their questions or ask Alexa or Google Home their queries in plain English. The BI platform will process and understand the query in seconds, and relay the insights.

Does Your Business Need It?

Conversational intelligence transforms the way you and your teams derive intelligence from your data. By simplifying the user experience, conversational intelligence encourages BI adoption and turbocharges productivity with mass execution of business strategy using BI.

There are three key ways in which businesses benefit from a BI platform equipped with conversational intelligence.

Shortens the Distance between Intelligence and Users

Enterprise data volume is set to double between 2020 and 2022. Leveraging this data will be critical to developing a competitive edge.

With conversational intelligence, businesses can remove the bottlenecks in information gathering. The right platform allows for exploratory analysis and automatically generates relevant visualizations. This way you get access to personalized, actionable insights within seconds – no coding required whatsoever.

Levels the Data-Playing Field

Nearly 67% of those who are senior managers and above are not comfortable leveraging insights from their existing tools and resources. This is true even for managers in data-driven organizations.

Conversational intelligence can help users of any degree of competency by uncovering insights. Powerful BI platforms go a step further and recommend questions to users. This speeds up analysis for users without technical proficiency by guiding them with high-value queries.

Moreover, businesses can make insights accessible to any business user without worrying about the costs of training employees or administering a technical BI platform. Your time to value is shortened with increased adoption of the BI platform.

Builds an Insights-Informed Culture

Looking for the right insights is challenging – one question leads to another, and before you know it, it is hard to remember or prioritize the most important business query.

Conversational intelligence can make tracking the chain of questions simpler. The NLP-powered engine trains itself on your queries and data, so that users never ask a wrong question from their data, even by mistake. Moreover, by learning from your business queries, a conversational intelligence-enabled BI platform can build a data dictionary personalized to your business needs.

When coupled with a self-service BI platform that takes advantage of push and pull analytics, conversational intelligence can build and strengthen an insight-informed culture. From building a data dictionary to correcting queries to suit your data, Lumenore ensures that decisions are insights-informed in seconds. See it for yourself here!

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Published: February 16, 2023

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