Taking Employee Training to the Next Level with Business Intelligence & Analytics

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Organizations require business insights for informed decision making across all business functions. Employee Training and Corporate Learning is no different. As a result, training programs are vital to skill development, product training, employee on-boarding, etc. Performance measurement is often carried out using some type of analytical solution. These include  everything from spreadsheets to feedback forms and forms of 3rd party data visualizations. However, insights from these are either delayed, inconsistent, or nonexistent. Business Intelligence and Analytics provides trainers with the right on-time data insights. in short, these insights are required to ensure the effectiveness of the delivery and reception of training programs.

BI can prove to be an important and useful tool in Corporate eLearning, and here’s why –

With the help of BI tools, you can gain insights into the performance of your employees as well as the efficiency of the company. Similarly, you can also see if the training programs need more inputs and change of plans and strategies.
Data is of utmost importance to any organization. The learning management system usually keeps a track on the various aspects of your training programs. BI tools and software, can make good use of this information and work on key areas that need improvement.
When you work on the weaker areas of your corporate learning programs, it gets better. As a result, you’ll see a hike in the online training ROI. The Return of Investment of ROI is the measurement of the gain or loss of investment.

Discovering the unknown

BI helps in monitoring the online training experiences. Tracking the habits of your customers as far as buying trends and experiences are concerned is a must. This lets you know what the customers are looking for, and how you can deliver.
BI is of great use in corporate e-learning in terms of sales as well, as it helps you focus on the improvement of your online training strategy and products.
Finally, BI in Corporate e-Learning can give you an overview of how your future programs should look like and what it should involve. Since BI can look into current as well as future trends, you can structure your programs accordingly.

Data and insights at the Trainer’s fingertips

BI tools can help track the execution and delivery of these training programs, but that is not all. The trainers too can benefit from this, because there are certain features that help with the way the trainers conduct these programs. A few of these features include modulating the voice of the trainers, making the key points highlighted, and giving an insight into the kind of tone that needs to be used while training these employees.


Data is important. And to be able to gather, visualize, use, format and structure data, you need effective tools and software. This is where BI comes into the picture. Therefore, Companies and organizations need to make use of BI tools and software to improve their overall performance and work on pitfalls. BI can help deal with pitfalls at the grassroots level—by delivering effecting training programs and corporate e-learning.

Training Audit Plus

Lumenore’s Training Audit Plus is a pre-configured solution for employee training and performance management. It combines intelligent analytics across media and optimizes the performance of trainers and their programs through advanced voice analytics, employee responses and much more. Businesses can improve training audit productivity by up to 60% and reduce the annual cost of training audits by up to 40%.

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