Building a Successful Contact Center

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Today’s customer is more tech-savvy and informed than ever before. Data is available at his fingertips. He, therefore, expects the best service support and there is no excuse for poor customer support. The stakes are high in the contact center landscape. If a customer has had a bad experience, the chances are your enterprise will not only lose a customer but will face a loss of reputation too. 84% of businesses are aware of the significance of happy customer interactions. But many fall short of being CX leaders. The revenue impact from a 10% improvement in a company’s customer experience score can translate into more than $1 billion, says a Forrester study. Let’s now explore the four must-haves that make a contact center successful:

1. The Robotic Aid

By 2021, 70 percent of organizations will assist their employees’ productivity by integrating AI in the workplace
– Gartner

AI brings more value to your customer data. It is not possible for a human being to sift through all of it and produce actionable insights. This is where the marriage of business intelligence (BI) and AI comes into play. Data unification is now complete within days and at a fraction of the cost as compared to a few years ago. AI also produces instantaneous customer insights. With most SaaS platforms offering APIs and third-party integrations ensuring all touchpoint data is available. It gives all this data a context. Hence the companies are aware of exactly how their customer goals are impacted by each element. It directly relates to revenue, profitability, customer lifetime value, customer satisfaction, and other factors driving business performance.
Chatbot is the most well-known avatar of AI. It has made interactions swift and satisfactory while being adaptive. AI also enables prediction and personalization. This is what sets a company apart in the current market. Additionally, deploying automation does away with redundant tasks. Thereby lowering labor requirements and enabling employees to focus on more important tasks.

2. Utlizing Speech Analytics

“Leveraging today’s innovative speech recognition technology and predictive analytics is the key to creating a customer-centric culture in the call center.”
– Emily Blazensky, Director of Marketing, Voicebase

Contact centers must utilize speech recognition and voice analytics technologies to enhance customer interactions. Developments in these areas enable keyword spotting. They also conduct automatic Net Promoter Score and deep analysis of recorded customer interactions. Hidden insights are uncovered from this spoken information to identify business opportunities. This process is otherwise labor-intensive, costly, and time-consuming. But new tools are accelerating the call-scoring process, enabling a new level of intelligence to be collected and bringing in greater savings.
These advancements in speech recognition, AI, and big data enable organizations to find out what behaviors work and in turn, inculcate them in other contact center executives. Contact centers can also reward agents better with more accurate assessments. Finally, they can also build predictive models, test and adapt them based on the insights.

3. How a Right Coach can Turn Any Team Into a Dream Team

“All coaching is taking a player where he can’t take himself.”
— Bill McCartney, American Footballer

Coaching in its most straightforward form is helping a professional improve and overcome their shortcomings. It is also a two-way process where the coach learns from the student as well. Your contact center could benefit from not only training your agents but also learn what practices are most effective and which are not. With training you can build your company’s next generation of leaders, tap into the wide range of resources already available, and ensure top talent is with you in the long-term.
Coaching technology that involves voice recording enables agents to assess their own performance and managers to clearly illustrate bad practices and reward good ones. It also builds on the two-way dynamics where they can formulate an action plan to improve performance.

4. When you train, you gain!

“An organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly is the ultimate competitive advantage.”
— Jack Welch, former General Electric CEO

It’s essential to have a technology to assess that your training program is functioning optimally while enabling higher ROI and improved scalability. Such technology ensures an environment that incorporates feedback from customers and agents while being cheaper than human audits. All of this can be done on a daily basis to enhance business efficiency.
The calls that are made and received by the agents are the most integral part to an audit and they are categorized into call classification, call cost/benefits analysis, call flow structure, evaluation of agent skills, evaluation of call effectiveness, and relationship building between the customer and the agent. The results are then compared to the optimal requirements on the same metrics and areas of improvement are identified.
According to Jake Sorofman, Research VP, Gartner, as competition and buyer empowerment compounds, customer experience itself is proving to be the only truly durable competitive advantage. Building a successful contact center involves several significant components that adapt to the current business climate and their focus must be on the customer, not the competition. Utilize technology built for this environment and tailored to your requirement ensures your revenue earnings are 5.1x of those that lag behind (Forrester)

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