Strategies for effective Customer Communications Management (CCM)

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Your business success is determined by the customer experience you offer. According to a Mckinsey report – 70% of the customer’s journey is dictated by how the customer feels they are being treated. Poor experience leads to a loss of business with the customer journey ending before your enterprise has capitalized on it fully. Therefore, to offer a superior customer experience you need an effective customer communications management (CCM) solution.

Mike Burkland, CEO and President of Five9, a cloud-based contact center software company confirm this. He says, “Consumers’ power is on the rise and modern consumers expect to engage with a service or support center on their terms, using a variety of channels that include voice, web, chat, email, video, and social media”.

Keys things your customer requires from their experience

Customers look for a communication process that is suited to their needs. The process can be either easy and intuitive or more engaging and consultative. The reliability of your product/ service is paramount to their decision to go with you and comes second to the lowest price. This is accompanied by your brand reputation and how consistent every interaction with your enterprise has been. Above all, recognize a long-term relationship with a customer and you will combat competitor entry and churn.

An effective CCM (Customer Communication Management) nurtures prospects to create loyal customers while defining strategies for business success by assessing existing protocols. A Gartner report suggests that CCM is the strategy to improve the creation, delivery, storage, and retrieval of outbound communications. This can take place through a wide range of media including documents, email, SMS, and webpages. All CCM solutions commit to specific customer-centric objectives and provide companies the ability to improve these communications with their distributors, partners, regulatory bodies, and customers.

What does good Customer Communication Management look like?

A good CCM structure offers personalization, enables real-time communication, and provides full control over customer communications whether for employees or customers. Here are some of the features in detail:
Customer-focused: Elevate and familiarize your brand in the customer’s eyes by providing them with documents that communicate your message effectively. Listen to your customer feedback and realign your strategy to their needs. This communication must be relevant and through delivery channels of their choice, so they can access it easily. This is key to the customization element of communication.
Real-time communication: Giving customers information on-the-go anytime is a given today. Fail to do so and you have irate customers to deal with. This can be an update in services or customers accessing data they require on their own.
Compliant and secure: In an age where your data is your identity and multiple high-profile security threats are making people uneasy, it is necessary to offer reliable and secure data handling. The generation of business-critical documents that comply with all current rules and regulations is crucial. A centralized CCM platform not only offers real-time communication but is also a more secure link.
Automation: Do away with manual and redundant processes. Not only do they slow down your business functions but also frustrate customers. Automate all your customer communications processes to eliminate cost and inconsistency. All this comes together with an integrated technology solution. A solutions that not only mines your data but guides contact center agents. It also ensures the system is not only automated but constantly adapting to your needs.

Lumenore: Your partner when it comes to great customer communications

Our expertise within the customer care world transfers to every single company we partner with. Lumenore drives all customer communications through a centralized system that streamlines workflows and enables employees to increase productivity and efficiency. Lumenore utilizes data to improve demand forecasting and operational workflows, streamlines sales and financial reporting, enhances campaign tracking and effectiveness, and ensures employee training to provide customers a better experience. Consequently, you reduce customer churn rates, optimize campaign costs, and improve overall customer satisfaction rates.

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