Customer is king – and your competitors already know it

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It is logical to think that customer-centric organizations do better than their counterparts. Companies that can listen to their customers’ needs and react fast are the ones with a key advantage, and definitely stand out from the competition.

So what happens when everyone treats their customers like ‘kings’?

In the current global economy, your customer is the entire kingdom. Just listening to a few solicited feedback sessions is unlikely to help when it comes to leading the pack – customers of today demand and expect much more.

Customer-centricity is just the first step towards building a robust sales strategy. To reap the full benefits of customer intelligence in upgrading their sales process efficiency, companies must have two critical items:

  •  Advanced analytics that reveal insightful attributes
  •  Speed to insights

Employing advanced analytics

McKinsey reports that applying advanced analytics can help contact centers accelerate sales conversion by up to 50%.

To begin, contact centers can utilize their sales data from Salesforce, integrating data from the silos to build intelligence into sales operations. An integrated view of metrics such as the opportunity pipeline, percentage of queries that convert to sales, and agent performance will enrich the contact center’s understanding relationship between these KPIs, quota attainment, and other revenue goals.

Additionally, contact centers that use an advanced business intelligence platform can quickly create rich customer personas, track sales productivity trends, and view product or geographical sales outlook. These insights ease decision-making and help deliver a more contextual and personalized experience.

With the right insights, a contact center can pivot from a service provider to a strategic player in the industry.

Speed to uncovering intelligence

While getting the right insights is important for a contact center, speed to insights plays a bigger role. Faster access to insights supplements a powerful business intelligence framework – mapping out customer journeys, and revealing in real-time the hidden potential of customer intelligence.

Advanced business intelligence platforms can help speed up intelligence gathering through two key aspects:

  • Push analytics – that is AI-generated, industry-tailored recommendations based on the contact center’s sales data
  • Conversational querying – based on Natural Language Querying, any user can ask the platform for analytics to immediately receive the right insights

Recommendations can help contact centers optimize everything from staffing to determining the best channels for different demographics based on the trends and behaviors analyzed through the intelligence framework. With tailored recommendations, the business is alerted about outliers, whether a relationship is causal or just correlational, and forecast trends.

Similarly, conversational querying can reveal high-impact data-led insights in seconds. From long-term strategic decisions like ‘sales strategy for the most active geographies’ to short-term decisions like ‘optimizing call routing to the right sales personnel, contact centers can swiftly gather this intelligence.

Contact centers need a modern business intelligence platform that can optimize ROI, reward high-performing customer agents, conduct better audits and training. The overall impact is of an enhanced customer experience and superior contact center operations that really make the customer feel like a king. Want to read more about how you can maximize your ROI from your Salesforce sales data? Check out our content center resources on Salesforce sales data:

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