Analyzing Mutli-Channel Data

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We were delighted to recently kick off the Lumenore webinar series and honored that Donald Farmer, principal with TreeHive Strategy, agreed to be our expert guest presenter. Donald has more than 30 years of experience developing industry-leading, innovative data and analytics systems for companies such as Microsoft and Qlik. He is globally recognized as a visionary product leader, sought after speaker and author.

Key Highlights

In our webinar, Enabling Powerful Multi-Channel Data Analytics, Farmer provided an excellent overview of the current state of the analytics and visualization marketplaces. He further detailed how the ability to analyze multi-channel content is a virtual gold mine to organizations. And yet how difficult it is to achieve using legacy BI and analytics systems.

Farmer’s example of multi-channel marketing included an individual’s experience at a brick and mortar store, online marketing, mobile device experiences and analyzing the experience and behavior in an online store. “Increasingly, combined physical and digital experiences are found everywhere. Right from supply chain to manufacturing, and financial services,” he said.

He further added there is now a word for it—Phigital—referring to the blending of digital experiences with physical ones. As customer interaction and communication channels proliferate, companies aim to make combining these channels seamlessly. Whether the communication is via face-to-face, phone, email, message platforms or social media.  “Bringing all that behavior together and analyzing it is a much greater challenge. Rather than analyzing the performance of a single channel of marketing or a single channel of behavior” Farmer asserts in the webinar.  “We have more data than ever, but analyze only a fraction of it,” Farmer said.  “Marketers have come to understand that tracking customer behavior across multiple channels is much more important to model,” he said.

The Lumenore Advantage

“Lumenore enables organizations to automate key insights that are common across businesses. Thus enabling intelligent responses to customers driven by analytics, not intuition,” Farmer said. “They achieve this with a remarkable integration of classic business intelligence features. Visualization, along with natural language and automation, to name a few.”

Joining Farmer on the webinar was Lumenore’s Scott Pelton. Scott provided an overview of how Lumenore’s performance management platform analyzes multi-channel data. Thereby, providing insights in a simple, human, consumable way. Pelton also details popular use cases for Lumenore. He also highlights some powerful and compelling machine learning, natural language & artificial intelligence features of the Lumenore platform that help enable advanced analytics.

“Seamless integration of multi-vendor operations can be problematic, distancing businesses from effective decisions and strategies,” Pelton said. “Lumenore offers a complete solution that takes care of every single aspect of BI, dispensing with the need for multiple vendors. Our platform integrates with all components and services needed for a Business Intelligence application.”

We encourage you to register and watch our inaugural webinar on  Enabling Powerful Multi-Channel Data Analytics. And look for more Lumenore webinars soon.

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